mimimal stuff maximum life

Less stuff equals more time and more opportunities.

With less stuff to deal with you don’t need a large house or no house at all. No worry about where to put it. If it’s safe or whether it needs fixing or maintenance.

There is a culture out their of people running around the planet with a backpack and everything they own is in it. These people are running there businesses from laptops (which are in those backpacks).


Maybe maybe not.

Out of the ordinary? Not so much anymore.

There is a new way of thinking that is big on experience low on materialism. Tim Ferris is one of those thinkers and Everett Bogue is another. They both have successful blogs in this arena this is Everett’s blog if you want to check him out. I have met Tim on a couple of occasions and I will meet Everett soon.

You don’t have to spend all your time working and buying things it won’t make you happy. The trade-off is too big and the newness doesn’t last. Contrary to what the TV ads say your life won’t suck if you don’t get the latest greatest stuff as it comes out that is a loosing proposition (it’s always another new thing) in fact life is better with out them.

This series of post are created to offer a shift in thinking about new possibility in lifestyle.

Design your own lifestyle the way you want to live not the way we have always lived.

What would you do if everything you needed fit in a small backpack?

Where would you go?

What would you see? 

How much do you think it would cost?

It’s less than you think…

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