Second act…..time to reinvent my self.

I have come to the conclusion that having it all is not what it is all about. Consuming and acquiring wealth of material things is not where happiness and fulfillment live. I am an expert at this (arguably so)having spent the first half of my life on the consumer acquisition treadmill. I know full well what it is like to want, to desire, to envy and do without. I am also damn good at spending money and accumulating stuff. As I said I have spent my entire life doing it! What you don’t notice happening in the life long pursuit of stuff is that it takes over control of your life. It eats up your most precious asset….time.

By the time you realize it (if you do) stuff eats up your time way into the future. You become a slave to it signing over your time years in advance which sometimes winds up being your entire life  the for the stuff. I see credit cards with 15 year payoffs, mortgages 30 years. Cars with 7 year loans !  And then here comes the equity lines.  This evil process is designed to make sure you never pay off your house and allow you to spend into perpetuity. Now we can rapidly fill our houses and garages and driveways  all designed to make sure we never get to retire.  We just get up and go to work every day and support our payments… forever

Well that was a nice rant wasn’t it?

 I said all that to get to this…I’m done.  I ‘m opting out.  I don’t want to play anymore! It’s time for my Second Act! It’s time to reinvent me.

I’m starting over and the first thing I’m going to do is get rid of every thing that has been holding me to the grind stone all these years. All the stuff I have amassed in the name of living high on the hog and keeping up with the Joneses.Having it all. Living large. Shopping till I drop!

Thats the problem ….we are literally shopping till we drop…..dead! And I’m not happy with all the stuff It doesn’t do anything for me ….nothing good any way. I have to work to pay for it maintain it secure it and it isn’t worth half of what I paid for it. So whats the point?

I don’t see a point. I am becoming a member of the new rich….the new rich are not rich in things material …but in experiences and time.The new rich care little for owning houses and cars .The new rich exchange value for the opportunity to have fulfilling experiences, travel,time to spend as they wish being present in the moment creating value for others. Cooking and eating food ….slowly.  Learning constantly and not ruining the planet in the process. Some are living out of a back pack with their lap tops earning a living as they go. Some live in tiny houses leaving a smaller foot print with a tiny cost of living.

I will be one of these. I will shrink my foot print on this planet so small that it will allow me to have the time and space to reinvent myself. I will not be subject to the rat race of work to spend to work to spend. My cost of living will be a fraction of its former self. My plan is to blog about this process as I go through it from my perspective and my wife will blog about it thru her perspective. We will sell give away and or throw out almost 30 years of stuff. Sell our 3000 sq ft house with 24 x36 ft shop(full of stuff). As well as my mother’s house 1200 sq ft and all of her stuff. So we can move into a 400 sq ft living space with only what we need and or what can fit. 

It will be painful and it will be frustrating. It is an overwelming experience because we will not want to part with our precious and sentimental and expensive stuff we spent so much of our lives,  our time and money  acquiring.

 It will also be enlightening fun and exciting to be rid of the burden of so much stuff. The process has begun we are all ready in the early stages of purging and it is already tuff letting go ….but every time we do it gets a little easier 😉 

Stay tuned… this should get interesting;) 

I hope this will inspire and create a path for others to do the same if you are looking for a way…

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  1. Go for it ,bro! One of the best weeks of my life was spent living in a tent! Look forward to following your journey.

  2. Excellent! I still personally differentiate between stuff that is functional (like a car to DO that traveling that you mention) and stuff for stuff’s sake – that 3rd set of decorative serving dishes when you already have 2 sets. Good luck to you!

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