weeding thru the stuff

today my wife Annissa and I  continue the painful process of letting go it amazes me that we place so much value and significance on things.  If you buy some thing at the store the monetary value degrades to almost nothing as you walk out the door.The problem is we attach emotion to the thing then the perceived value sky rockets in our eyes. Letting go seems like throwing money away yet we don’t use the items they sit on a shelf collecting dust and taking up space (but there so pretty) or I’m going to use it some day. But it never happens then we go buy more stuff.

this is pictures of  stuff heading out the door to good will. We are currently going thru over 70 boxes of stuff in this batch. One word of advice don’t live in one place for 15 or 20 years you can acquire a lot of stuff 🙂 we gave a lot of stuff to our kids to help them get started in life furnishings and house hold goods, when they see us now they start to run before we hand them any more stuff 🙂

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  1. I can just picture your kids running. They probably even worry you are losing your mind! So far my daughter has been happy to get some of my books and craft supplies.

    If you have some good books the library might take them. I gave them over 500 of mine. Yeah, well, I’ve been saving stuff longer than you have.

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