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These are some pictures of a 35 foot fifth wheel RV that I found online that very much typifies what my wife and I will buy shortly and live in full-time as we transition over to our new lifestyle that we are currently designing. We are simplifying our lives right now in order to allow for this. Our kids are all grown and have moved out on their own and we are in the process of down sizing from our 3000 sq ft home of 19 years so we will have the freedom to wander and live where we want.

We have been sorting, selling and donating for the last couple of months. But more importantly we have been designing our new lifestyle this is the most important aspect of the process. Creating the space for exactly how we want our lives to be.

For instance, we want to live where ever we want like on the beach 😉 Or how we want to make money so that it doesn’t interfere with living. Automated systems created to produce income with minimum effort and maximum return that don’t require our constant attention. I get up when I want to every day and decide what I want to wear and what I want to do. If I get tired of the view I move somewhere else. This is the essence of life style design. Live life on your terms, your rules and create the income to support it.

My wife and I are in our forties and we have created a tremendous amount of free time to spend as we wish. We have a variety of interest that we pursue and have the time to enjoy. We are taking on projects that excite us and choose when and how many we will do them. We also get to spend a lot of time with our kids and grandkids.

Follow us as we continue to progress down this pathway to freedom and feel free to comment and quiz us if you are interested in doing the same. We will be happy to share our model of (how to) with you. 😉

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