Multi purpose portable space

Here is a pic of my all-purpose portable space. This is an 8 x 20 fully enclosed unit. You can use it a number of ways. It is a blank canvas. I could live in it by adding some things like a composting toilet and my portable shower system and a blow up mattress, solar panels, roll out a rug throw in some camping chairs and presto instant house.

Or I could use it as a toy box to carry my kayak, bike ,motorcycle and other hobbies like a portable garage. This could even by an instant business housing a wood shop or other manufacturing plant. Create inventory to sell at events or roadside.

Small space about 160 sq ft but if well thought out and designed could easily create an income on the fly summer up north winter down south. You could follow a craft circuit around the state or around the country.

Just think of the possibilities mobile live/work/play space that is low-cost all you need is a generator or plug-in to shore power some solar pannels and batteries  maybe install a little  wood stove and pull behind your truck and camper. Where ever you are that’s where you’re at 😉

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