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Now more than ever before it is easier to be a nomad moving around the country or even the world and staying connected to friends ,family and work . You can quite frankly make an income with a laptop and a cell phone ! I do.

I will be a guest on a teleseminar next week with a friend and business associate as we pitch a live event for the near future at his house. It will sell for 5k per person to teach how to market and do business this way as he also makes his living from home on the phone and internet . people pay him and I to coach and mentor them in this realm. There are no employees no commutes to the office ,( well from the bed room to the living room where im writing this post right now 😉 all money is transferred by clients by  internet all over the world . 

 I now have a smart phone which is almost all you need any more to connect with people both verbally and by internet. You can take pictures and videos and post them by phone to web sites and social  media sites instantly. Skype face to face ( it’s great for talking to my grand kids ) you can even have your phone as a wireless hot spot so your wife can make a video while your driving the R.V. down the road and upload it on your laptop to you tube while she’s consulting with a client on the phone about a job .

 With an  inverter plugged into the 12 volt socket on the dash the laptop stays charged so you can listen to music answer you email or watch a movie on net flicks. We regularly maintain our websites ,blogs and social media sites interact with clients by phone and email or Skype while were  all over the country and the world. ( we were in Australia for a month while we maintained contact with 5 of our businesses)talk with the kids and kept up with our banking and bills (you don’t really need to worry about mail any more all coraspondance can be handled by  internet) .

There’s almost nothing you can’t do over the internet or by smarte phone anymore you don’t need a phone book or directions from anyone to get some where. My phone will look up the nearest Starbucks call it to see if they have my favorite sandwich get the directions by satellite and guide me by gps turn by turn then I can pay for it all with an app on my phone with a scan of my account! 

I miss nothing my oldest daughter got engaged a few days ago she lives on the other side of the state from me. The ring was on her finger she took out her phone and snapped a picture of it sent it to my phone with the caption  OMG ! under it . I received a very excited phone call from her telling me all the details after which she announced it on her Facebook page to all her friends and family with pictures all from her phone.

I am working with a friend ( who will be an in law soon as it is his son who is engaged to my daughter) on a charity project called the ripple effect  http://therippleeffectinc.blogspot.com/ He is leaving tomorrow for Guatemala for six weeks while he is there we will correspond by email as he sends me back info on his progress and pictures, videos from his lap top and plug and play video cam .

All of this to say we no longer have to be tied to one spot in order to be connected to the rest of the world. We can be any where in the world and stay in touch with family ,friends,clients email,banking,and create income on the fly we are living on the cloud ( a reference to what some people call the internet). So whats stopping you? with a laptop and a cell phone you can be almost any where any time and be on top of the world!

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