Cabin fever mid-winter stroll around the property


we are having a mid -winter thaw this week and cabin fever is getting the best of me here in the pacific northwest. Walked around the place today to see how things are. Found this big bull pine down from a storm.

big bullpine ripped out of the ground by storm

then I traveled down the river bank and found brother racoon has been out and about

looking upstream on the river fat from snow melt

little coon bear very clever . walked up the river to the garden area and looked at the micro home stead by the crabapple trees berrys hanging for the birds to eat untill spring.

crabapples hanging on the trees for the birds

Found some old cattails I’ll use for tinder in my tiny wood stove they have lots of dry fluff . If you are ever in the bush and need to start a fire they are very handy.

old cattails from last season great fire starters

Heres the cats out by the well house hanging around waiting to be fed. What a bunch of free loaders .

well house in winter with cats

  Here is the tree line out back snow melting away grass and brush showing looking like spring (I wish ) Just kind of a sloppy slushy day in the upper 30’s .

tree line out back

The creek is flowing from the pond hiding under the ice into the river. Water is way up right now .

creek sneaking out from the ice to the river

  this is my portable garden. I have it sitting by the french doors in the south side of the house waiting for spring so it can go out on the deck again. This is a hodge podge of starts and rootings . There are potatoes both sweet and red as well as aloe and some garlic cloves from the kitchen that were sprouting. there are some surprise seedlings in there as well still waiting to see what volunteers will be , maybe a tomato or two from last year! 😉 But it’s my mini spring garden so I can play in the dirt in the sun

garden with aloe and potatoe shoots some garlic starting to show

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