well house in winter : ode to a tiny structure

I was wandering around the place yesterday and thought I would do a pictorial of my oldest structure on the homestead. The well house. The first thing I did after we bought the acreage we now live on 15 odd years ago was punch a well. I wanted to know if there was going to be adaquate water before I spent any more money developing the land. The next was power then a shelter to house the well pumping equipment among other things.

well house in winter

This little space is 8 ft cubed and the first thing I built. It houses and has housed many things over the years. It has also been a gathering point for people things and pets/livestock. Currently garden tools a large propane tank the cats food cardboard for recycling and some misc this and that’s. There is a water spigot inside with a garden hose that comes in thru a hole in the wall then it coils up on a 5 gal bucket on the wall ,this keeps it from freezing in the winter.There is a small ele heater in their wich makes it a warm place to go when we are working out side .

garden center holds toold and the hose on well house wall

The area around the building is a collection area for projects fencing wheelbarrow trashcan doors and windows . The cats know their food is in the wellhouse and tend to congregate out front in anticipation on the next feed time.

cats get fed at weelhouse

a look inside

interior of well house

this space has evolved over the years. I put a window and siding on to match the house now it is a mini me of the big house

looking out the window

A lot of  activity revolves and has always revolved around this tiny place for years funny how such a diminutive space plays such an important role on our place. 😉

light in well house ceiling
well house in winter with cats

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