Grow your food on the go!

I found recently a need and desire to solve my gardening problem.

I am moving into an RV soon and don’t want to give up my homestead garden so doing some research I found a way to take it with me.

Watch the video and see if it will work for you.

I can easily move the garden in and out of my new rolling home as I move from place to place.

I will be making one of these soon. I know it’s January but that’s what is cool about it. It start indoors and moves out in spring then moves back inside next fall to extend the harvest.;)

Here are some pic’s of a large planter in my livingroom by the french doors south side sun keeps everybody happy.

garden with aloe and potatoe shootsThe Garlic is practically jumping out of the dirt now you can almost see it grow and the red potato is taking over the planit!lol sweet potato shoots poking thru the soil

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