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It’s been said “Opportunity only knocks once.”

The fact is it pounds on the door constantly. You just have to be there to answer it.

Creating your ideal life takes thought.

How do you know if you are successful if you do not first define what that is for you?

Make a list. Try to keep it to ten things that if they are present in your life you will know you are living a successful life. When you are in alignment with these things celebrate your successes.

If we do not have them defined success can be a constantly moving horizon.

Here are some of mine.

I do not get up to an alarm clock.
I wake up when I do everyday.
I wear what ever I want to everyday. It is not dictated to me.
I don’t wear a watch. My time is mine and I don’t have to watch it.
I make my income with out my direct and constant involvement to create it. I don’t punch a time clock or work conventional hours.
I can live any where I want to. My income creation does not require me to be in a certain place. 
I am location independent.

These are some of the ways I measure success. Notice I did not say anything about how much money I made. But that I only make it my way.

That is more important to me than quantity.

I have learned to create massive value for other people and they do pay me well for that value but it is only to alow me to design my lifestyle and own my time.

I don’t say all this to brag but to show what is possible.

I am in my 40’s and I own my time and decide how and where to spend it.

I only work on projects that excite me and I can do my best work in.

Take some time to develope your own list of values to measure your success by and be sure to celebrate them as you reach them. 😉

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    1. why do you belive you are tied to this company? Do not let your self be comoditized. Do not sell yourself by the hour, learn to solve other peoples problems for pay. I can teach you. If you really want to learn. 😉

      1. Well what I meant is I’m in marketing for a major snowboard company. I like marketing but those type of companies that require my services are usually in big cities. What do you do you do to provide value to other people?

        BTW I like your blog, I saw your post about your shed/cabin with the fold down wall. Did you see this design I posted a while ago? I have built it yet but it’s fun to dream:

        1. I coach people in business and in lifestyle design and teach marketing,and flood and fire restoration. I went to your site I like your design.I am currently working on housing for homeless people that is portable. Another project involves my going to Guatamala to help mountain Mayan people rebuild their lives after civil war. Micro projects in agriculture water projects and healthier living conditions.

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