luxury homes for less than the cost of a luxury car.

I’m in the process of finding a luxury home for under $40 grand. Do I have your attention now? Yes you read that right I’m talking hardwood cabinets  corian counter tops on the island in the gourmet kitchen . Leather furniture , plush floor coverings well-appointed lighting and sound system through out the home. Oh by the way that’s fully furnished. Think I’m crazy? Well if you don’t I want it ocean front property too! Now you know I’m crazy…or am I? And if I’m going crazy I might as well go all out! So I want all new appliances and state of the art electronics big flat screen T.V.s and some big picture windows to look out at that priceless breath taking ocean view. I don’t want to miss any of those gorgeous sunsets, do I?  of course I will want a beautiful master suite king size bed walk in closet fireplace to look at (from bed) and plush carpet to sink my toes into ;). You know while I’m at it lets put a sky light in the master bath and all glass shower.

 I like being a lunatic it’s fun because how else can I have all this for under $40 K ? Oh I forgot about outside. Let see ( hey it’s my fantasy I can have what I want) So covered and uncovered lounge areas sound system with flat screen T.V. so I can watch the game (when I’m not taking in those unbelievable vistas). out-door shower to rinse off in after a dip in the pacific or run on the beach. Oh and a well stocked out-door kitchen and bar for entertaining 😉 I’m sure to have lots of new friends with a power crib like this 😉 Wanna be my friend? you know you do.

Of  course all maintained landscape by others why waste time let someone else take care of that. When you’re a nut job like me you can have whatever you want it’s my life my rules I’m the designer ,you only live once why be boring? Any way where was I? Oh ah let’s have a gated community of course and with a clubhouse and maybe a golf course or not I like the greens and water features. But definitely want sailing kayaking and scuba we are water front 😉

This is fun. You should try it. Ok what else , Oh lots of free time to enjoy it and hey if all this only cost $40 k my cost of living is practically nothing so why work all the time? Or why work hey if this is CRAZY sign me up ! I said $40 k not 4 mil. This is a package deal I don’t want a lot of up keep cost either. I know a long time ago you said to yourself this guy is off his rocker he’s a few fries short of a happy meal. I don’t even know if I’m going to keep reading this nonsense !

Well I hope you did. Because I am going to have all this just like I described it and more. And  the fact of the mater is so can you. And you don’t have to be crazy to do it (everyone you know will think you are but that’s beside the point) . The question is Are you ready to live the life of luxury? A life designed by you ? Is this really what you want? Look living a life on this scale should cost hundreds of thousands if not millions but it doesn’t have to. It won’t for me. Listen I live what others call an inappropriate life it’s very out of the box. In fact burn the box ! I’m not making huge mortgage payments and working long hours here. I don’t spend my weekends mowing the lawn cleaning the house fixing and repairing and maintaining all my things. I don’t need a house full of stuff being payed for on credit cards.

Ok are you ready ? Wanna know how to do it ? just go get your self an LRA ! a luxury recreational abode! Could be a motorhome a sailboat a fifth wheel an air stream a tumbleweed home what ever suites your fancy.  You can have every thing I just described and more  a crazy inappropriate life of luxury right now ! Everyone will hate you and want to be your friend at the same time LOL ! So come join the millions of nut jobs that are already doing it today it’s a community that will welcome you with open arms ;).

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