New term (Early outers) people who retire young.

So I was pondering our newly enlightened lifestyle and it occurred to me to coin the term ‘early outers’.

My wife and I have been in a state of flux for oh about two years now. We are in our forties and have hit the brakes!

The kids are all grown and moved out we are already grandparents (A boy, a girl and one on the way) ;). So we have been doing some serious reflecting on life and whats important to us. Now we have come to some realisations in our lives. We no longer want to be consumers. Nor do we want to support a large life style. We do not need things. What we do want are experiences and our time/freedom.

So we decided we should get out early hence the term EARLY OUTERS.

Now this has not been an easy process because it affects our changing all our old values. However this has been a good thing and we are happily embracing our new values. What we find important now.  

I should say we were never big savers or investors but we have created a number of income streams that do not take our constant attention and combined with some savings will allow us a comfortable living with room to travel and spend our time as we wish. We have drastically cut our expenses. And gladly stopped spending without concern and created a realistic budget that allows us a sustainable future that we are excited about and can’t wait to get started on.

What happens next?

Well we are continuing to make progress which was slowed by winter and just not being in a big hurry. I guess we kinda found this almost to good to be true. So we found ourselves cross-examining this possibility 😉 Just going over the math again to make sure. But it looks like it will work so we are going for it. We are savvy and confident enough to course correct as we go and make this work. 

How about you could this be a possibility for you?

Is it feasible that you could have the where with all to get out early?

We didn’t know until we took a good hard look but there it was just waiting for us to see.

Wouldn’t it be something if an early out could be your reality? 

Give it a look you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find 😉

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  1. Kevin- My husband and I were early outs too. Around forty (I’m 52 now) I was declared disabled from becoming legally blind. Even though getting out of the rat race early and unexpectedly was a challenge, I learned to adjust as we went along. Now I’m thankful for the change in lifestyle that was thrust upon us. Of course there are still adjustments to make. I think that is just part of life in general. If you wouldn’t mind, would you consider expanding more about the diverse income streams that you’ve developed? You may have thought up some extra money making ideas that I haven’t considered yet. Plus there are others who might be on the brink of making a similar decision. They might be more inclined to take the plunge if they saw that there are ways to supplement their savings. Thanks!

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