life in about 300 sq ft . It’s finite !

Can you imagine life in 300 sq ft?

Some may think impossible others may say no problem. I am the latter.

I not only find it adequate but voluminous. Not just for one but for two. Part of the reason is the space is well-defined and thought out. This gives it a roomy feel even with 3, 4 or 5 people in that space it does not have a closed in or crowded feel. It’s a great space. Light, bright and airy. Easy to keep clean and with central heat/air. Climate control is easy and inexpensive.

The kitchen is compact but not crowded. I really like the gas range for cooking and tons of cabinets for storage. There is a double sink with a separate spigot for filtered water. The bath room is surprisingly roomy I’m a big guy and no problem having enough room in the shower and even a separate potty room. The dining room seats 4 comfortably. Compact, efficient, organized certainly come to mind when you think of such a small space but not crowded, cramped and cluttered.

The bed room has a great deal of closet and drawer space enough for two. With a queen size bed and enough room for dressing and getting in and out of bed you don’t really need any more space. The living room has a sofa sleeper for guests and a couple of swivel rocker recliners on the opposite side. The living room also boasts a large TV, stereo with surround sound and a gas fire-place to take the chill off and create some ambiance.

Outside this cozy cottage is a large enclosed patio area and some additional storage space. The landscape and views are breath takeing with almost a 360 view. I don’t miss being in a larger space it just seems like a waste to keep up with now. And you can only occupy a few square feet at any one given time anyway.

There is no room for a lot of extras so I’m not out shopping for stuff to collect and stuff in here. My cost of living is greatly reduced and I don’t need much so I don’t spend much time earning money. I have lots of time every day to do as I wish. I can ride my bike, garden, play with my grand kids and help others. 

I highly advocate living in small spaces if it will allow you time to enjoy life and have experiences.

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