Solar assisted living, it gives you options


I have some off grid ability one of them is solar power.

I have four panels on the roof of our RV totaling 370 watts. The panels are connected to an inverter charger system and feed four 6 volt golf cart batteries for storage. I can draw power from the storage batteries to power both 12 volt and 110 volt powered lights and appliances. There is even enough power to use the microwave. I have 12 volt lighting all through my living space and compact flourescent bulbs in my 110 lights. There are 110 outlets to power things like a TV or power tools ect.

I have a power monitoring station that lets me know what’s going on with my solar system. The station gives me the vital statistics, amps of power available in the batteries, watts of power coming from the panels. I can monitor usage and adjust it according to what is available at the time. On cloudy days or at night I am using more power than the panels make. On sunny days I’m cranking in 19 t0 20 volts of free energy from the good ol SUN 😉

Operating on solar power makes you very concious about your power use and that is a good thing if it runs low you won’t have enough to get by so you have to pay attention. Limited power is like our limited resources on this planet in real time. Don’t over use or abuse it and you will do well. Conservation can be fun and educational. I found I really only need a fraction of what I thought I needed when I really became mindful of what I was using.

Cost of systems vary depending on components but for my system it was around $3000.00. You can start small and add-on as you have the funds that is one of the nice things about this type of power generating equipment.  Quiet, renewable, independent power from the sun and portable too.

Here is a good option to get started with solar power if you want to look into it thru our Amazon Affiliate Link: 100 Watts 12 Volts Solar Starter Kit

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