Investing in securities….Food securities the best investment.

I think food is the best investment/hedge on the future for a number of reasons. First off I don’t plan on not eating any time soon 😉 Next prices keep going up. How about health benefits of fresh organic food. The security of knowing where it comes from and how it’s grown.

the big fern is the asparagus patch

Any time I can plant something in the ground that produces year after year without much help from me I feel more sense of wealth than money in the bank. A nice fruit orchard and some grapes 3 varieties, one for eating, one for juicing and the other for wine.

New grape vines on the south side of the well house

I can always sell extra produce and plants by cuttings and dividing my perennials and root stalks like chives, apples,grapes, plums, raspberries and on and on. Oh and herbs 😉

plum and crabapple trees the crabs help polinate the other apple trees

These trees are about 7 years old and are in good production. Plums fresh Italian and for prunes crab apples for the birds and pollinators to the regular apple trees. An added bonus is they are also a great ornamental.

Horseradish watch out !!

I took a horseradish root from the store and planted it in the ground a few years ago and it gets bigger every year. Dig it up divide it and replant for more.

more additions chives, tomatoes, onions, celery, lemon basil, romane lettuce and acorn squash

Here’s a mixture of annuals and perennials live together adding taste, texture and aromas as well as food thru out the year. Seven new varieties of apple some early some mid and some late season should give us a better chance at a crop what ever the weather.

Long eared chickens will out produce a cow in meat production

These guys will fill the freezer with great high protein low-fat meat all year-long at a very economical price and taste great …just like chicken really.

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  1. The only thing you’re missing is some sunflowers! I like plants that return every year too (and don’t need much help from me). My asparagus lives in one of my front flower beds. It looks great there and seems to like the spot. Other edibles are in the back yard.

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