Gas prices no problem only $3.00 a week !?!

The new family sedan / cargo vehicle 😉
125 cc motor bikes are the work horse of southeast Asia $3.00 US will get you a full tank and you can ride these little Honda bikes all week on that!

You can bring the whole family (I’ve seen up to 6 riding on these) or a very large cargo load on these little bikes. For about $150.00 a month you can rent them there or $1100.00 will buy you one. Notice the driver has to wear a helmet it’s the law in Thailand where a US citizen can live comfortably 0n $500.00 a month and lavishly on $1200.00 per month.

For around $46 k you can buy a newly built 3 bed 2 bath house!! REALLy! Or an Apt 3 min walk from the beach for $300.00 per month. Food and health care are also dirt cheap. You  may want to look into living there you could retire right now If you wanted to move there and live well on practically nothing.

Check it out at I just found this site an can hardly belive it my self.

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