How small an income can you thrive on ??

I was recently visiting a friend in Gig Harbor and we were talking about people in other country’s and how little money they make annually. The conversation turned to home and how little we actually live on when you really get to thinking about it.

If you look at our lives inside our lives we really don’t need that much money to thrive.

Let me explain.

My wife and I were realizing if you take away all the debt we were supporting house payments, credit cards, car loans, various auto payments for sat t.v., gym memberships, cell phones ect… What do we have left?

Well you work all week come home and so you buy gas and groceries pay the power bill go do something fun on the weekend to treat your self after a long week at WORK and that’s about it right?  Most weeks anyway so what are you really spending? Not much. The rest is just supporting debt!

WELL what if we were not paying a big fat house payment? We were never there that much anyway what with work, commuting, out playing on the weekends we just eat sleep and watch a little t.v there at night. 

Do we really need car payments? Well I guess we do just to move back and forth to work and park all day there then park in the drive way all night.


How did we get duped into that?

So on went the conversation what if we down sized and pay cash for those big ticket items? More expensive cars and houses need more expensive repairs and maintenance and more expensive insurance.  If you have these things you worry about some one stealing them. But your cost of living drops drastically if you own them out right.

Okay I’m ranting a little. Maybe a lot but bare with me.

I am driving to a point in my rambling 😉 

We found many conversations later that getting out from under the debt of big ticket items and all the consumer debt we could live on a fraction of the current income we were currently living on. Like less than 30k a year! Not just live on it THRIVE on it! We also found out it would not take but a fraction of the time to earn it like 2 or 3 months out of the year!


So we got to work selling off the stuff we owned and paying off the things we would keep and down sizing to a smaller dwelling (300 sq ft). Paid for a used RV and we can park it any where (almost) for free or very little. We now have semi retired (mostly) and in our forties. Kids are grown. The grand kids are arriving and we have the time to enjoy them.

The point is I guess anyone that really wants to can do this.

It wasn’t easy. We are still working on it. I’ll be frank it was painful but the trade-off was freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from THINGS and freedom from wage slavery.

Let me hit this home.

Every day I wake up to no alarm. When I get up I decide what I want to wear that day. I ask myself what do you want to do today?

Today I’m taking my grandson to the zoop that is what he calls the zoo he’s 3.

I don’t wear a watch. It doesn’t matter any more. My time is mine.

Can you live on less that 30k a year and do whatever you want? That depends on what you want.

If I need more I can create the income doing projects that I like when and where I want to because it’s my choice not my obligation. I think I’ll take a walk now it’s raining lightly and a little foggy.

Then off to the ZOOP.;)

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