Great day on the home stead ;)

I got up this morning partly cloudy partly sunny. Went down grabbed a cup of coffee and made a veggie omelette.

Out the door I went and into the garden for the day.

There are many projects in and around the garden. Probably the biggest project is rebuilding the green house It was crushed 2 years ago in winter. That year we got 8 ft of snow. Way more than my lite frame plastic panel 10×20 building could take.

Just cleaning up the site for the rebuild. Mowing, weeding in and around the foundation and planning the new and improved space.

mother nature wastes no time taking over

Then there are fencing repairs and chores keeping live stock in and wild life out of areas of the garden and pasture. Getting ready for some new additions. Looking at a jersey cow maybe with a calf.

I am designing a one acre self sufficient micro farm to produce food for my family and income as well. This will be an experiment to see if it can be done. There will be chickens of course, ducks and geese for eggs and meat. A couple of pigs they need a buddy;)

Half of the acre will be grass pasture and the other half gardens and orchard. I have had all of this before over the last 25 plus years of living in the county but not in this planned and finite space. The cow will produce a calf each year and much needed milk and manure for the gardens.

The pigs will also produce manure for the gardens and drink milk and eat garden waste. They will help till the garden and pasture as I rotate them around. There will be chops, bacon, roast oh and sausage too. The chickens, ducks and geese will work in the garden and pasture scratching for bugs and eating grass and weeds they will be on the fertilization committee as well. There will be baby birds and eggs galore. I will probably have to play hide and seek for the eggs.

You can produce a tremendous amount of fruit and veggies on a half acre. It will be a lot of work to keep up but the work has multiple benefits and rewards. The work will keep me outside in the fresh air and sunshine much of the day. The excercise will be good healthy movement at a steady pace. And the fresh organic food will be the icing on the cake. Not to mention the savings on the food bill.

I have had a satisfying day cleaning up the garden. Mowing, weeding, fencing and organizing supplies. You would think my ADD comes in handy running from one thing to the next a little here and a little there. Farming is a jack of all trades operation what with all the variety of tasks animal husbandry, horticulture, carpentry, mechanic ect… 😉

The sun was great and the breeze kept me cool most of the day while I kept at my chores on this little project and the next. After mowing I fed the rabbits a double hand full of fresh mown grass.

Tomorrow is looking like another great day supposed to be hotter so I’ll need to get an early start maybe I’ll start framing up the front wall of the new green house and get the pig pen ready.

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  1. I grew up in a very similar ‘farm’ circumstance, complete with chickens & I relate totally to the problems.. & the solutions..hairpins & gum! Have fun..

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