The daily micro farm report

Overcast and 75 today afternoon showers. It’s warm and humid here in the Pacific northwest.  

Today we started breeding up the rabbits. In about a week all three will be bred. Two months from now hopefully we will have 15 to 20 or more fryers ready for the freezer. I built nest boxes for all three of the does today.

brand new bunny boxes

    The boxes are 9.5 x 11 x 18 long with a top on the back half for mom to get away from the kids when she needs to.

view number 2

I finished cleaning up the greenhouse site reclaiming it back from the grass and weeds. Now I need to start framing it up.

cleaned up green house site

The front will be a lot of recycled glass doors framed in on the south side Ive been saving for a new to me project 😉

storm door, french door, and sliding glass doors

One of my helpers on the farm is working on a project cleaning up the pig pen of grass and weeds.

using goat power to clear out the pig pen

The pen is 16 x 32 plenty for two hog’s to be happy. The pen is built of 16 ft cattle panels and lined with railroad ties. The secret to keeping these bulldozers in the pen is give them what they want. Plenty of food and water, a place to get out of the sun and a buddy to hang out with.

pig pen is 16 x 32

When they get done in about 5 months that pen will be completely rotated, manured and not a weed in site.

Well that’s about all for now I need to get things put away before it rains anymore.

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