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Well busy summer keeping up with all the projects holy moly.

The garden is coming along nicely onions, tomatoes, squash, herbs ect…

The rabbits are bred and due the end of the month. The goat finished weeding the pig pen. The deer have pruned the shit out of my little apple trees! (In oct I might just prune some deer!!)

Anyway took my son to college in northern ca. I have been walking almost every day 5 miles in the am did 40 miles last week! Did my first 10 mile day today!

Waiting for it to cool off a little for more projects like fencing and the green house.

I need to start planting herbs for indoor kitchen gardens to sell this fall. The garlic will go in late next month probably over a 1000 cloves to sell next year. I propagated 200 hen and chicks along with some other sedums for sales next year. 

Spending lots of time with my grandkids. New one due next month!

Lots of planning for next years farm stead growth and expansion. I guess that it for now I think I’ll go to the lake tomorrow and cool off in the water 😉

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  1. It sounds like you’re organized to the hilt. And good for you- doing all that walking. My doctor is still waiting with bated breath for me to start. How long does it take to walk the five miles each day? I’d be thrilled to just work my way up to that.

  2. Well I hope you start soon just do it. Some background on me I have a serious back injury that I have battled for over 20 yrs constant pain . 15 yrs ago dr’s wanted to fuse my spine. I was in pain every step of my 5 mile walk but took it one step at a time 90 min later I was home.
    it gets easier every day and I’m shaving a few min off my time each week. You would be amazed at how fast your body will respond and stamina will increase ( days not weeks) drink lots of water wear a good pair of shoes and go in the morn or eve when it’s cooler.

  3. Thanks very much Kevin! You’ve encouraged me to give it a try…though I may have to work my way up to the five mile goal. I’ve had curvature of the spine since my teen years and occasionally had trouble because of it. Still I worked and led a “normal” life until I hit 40…13 years ago. Then my eyesight became really bad and Social Security declared me disabled. Scar tissue had built up on my retinas over the years because of an illness that had gone undiagnosed. (Doctors believe this also occurred during my teen years.) Though I can still see reasonably well, in my opinion, I’ve really let myself go down the drain these past dozen years. I smoke like a freight train and have gained 40 lbs…30 of which need to go. Thanks again for giving me the encouragement to do what I should. My doctor, cholesterol, blood pressure (and probably my dog…since my husband won’t walk with me) all thank you too.

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