more money in 2 and a half weeks than a lot of people make in a year/ ADHD /and what the hell is this post about

  It’s been a whirlwind month. I spent two and a half weeks back east and made a years income . Then went to seattle on a false alarm (My daughter is due with my 3rd grandchild) Then a week at a high power marketing conference in Phoenix. Back to Seattle for the actual birth of my grandson . Home  for a few days now (stopped to see my granddaughter on the way by) and then off to negotiate a possible deal with a company to make a lifetimes income in a few months WHEW!

 You see I and my wife have a particular set of skills that are highly sought after and alow us to create ridiculously extraordinary value for others. People are happy to pay us phenomenally well for this . The essence of this is we have learned to use what most people label as disorders or dysfunctions as high function assets .

My wife has OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder) and I have ADD /ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) These are labels and “disorders” as they say but we have learned to use these as  UNIQUE ABILITIES as high functioning results creating value making assets . We are and have been off the chain for a while now and the allows us to create our own optimum environment which in turn allows us to create results that are ,well unrealistic by most people’s standards.

What’s this mean in everyday terms my wife has the ability to create order and systems a strategic planner. I am completely at home in the middle of a shit storm I manage chaos when every one else is running for cover I’m at my highest value as a orchastrator I see the problems and create solutions and fix the problems. 

When you can create unrealistic results (value) you will create extraordinary returns (money) for yourself and those around you. If you want other examples of this you need merely look around you there every where. People stand out everyday as such like pro ball players and other athletes, actors and other celebrity rock stars and other singers ceo’s and leaders of industry, inventors, entrepreneurs book authors ect…    

So if you have a disorder or  problem or issue and are labeled.If there is some thing wrong with you the reality may very well be that it is an asset in need of development. Check out the book Unique ability and take the Kolbe test to find out what your M.O. (method of operation )is and get off the chain so you can create extraordinary results in your life .

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  1. I recently discovered your blog, and am looking forward to reading all of it : )
    I’m kinda stoked, after reading this post, in particular! See, I’ve been blessed with OCD and ADD! I’d love a bit more info on how you & your wife put these unusual gifts to work for you?

    And, I want to tell you this-I think you’ll appreciate it- I have CDO. It’s like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order, LIKE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE!!

    ; )

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