Eye candy …Tammy stroble’s new tiny house in Portland


This is a very clean crisp new tiny house in the Portland area built by Dee Williams and Katy Anderson of Pad http://portlandalternativedwellings.com/  The layout is a little different than I’ve seen in most homes of this size. With the kitchen and bath right up front as you come thru the door it leaves the back of the house open and  the vaulted ceiling gives it a lot of space. A unique feature are the french doors in the living area adding both natural light and a sense of outdoor space . The loft is open to the living area wich I like rather than the closed up hatch types I have seen in other designs .

With the placement of windows and glass doors and a skylight in the loft there is plenty of natural light . I am not sure of the heat source looks like a space heater in there maybe I missed it . There has been some thought towards complying or working with the concerns of the local planning dept as mentioned in the video regarding egress for emergency purposes . Portland seems to be open to the tiny house movement and alternate live/work options in general (green thinking) . I may need to spend more time there in the near future and get in on the vibe . Those food carts my need some investigating …

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