So you want to build a tiny house.

I thought I would do a post on some beginning thoughts and considerations.

First off I get the sense that a big obstacle or belief is that If I build a tiny house I won’t be able to find a place to put it. I’ve seen the comments in numerous post and conversations on other sites and forums.

Now what I have observed is the people who have built/bought tiny houses and are living in them have found accommodations for them by simply letting people know there intentions. Friends relatives networking out until someone shows interest and an agreement is created.

Here is another way to get an opportunity started. There is a site called Tiny House Listings. This is a buy, sell and rent tiny houses and spaces site that has developed to help like-minded people find each other.

All that being said lets talk about site size and orientation. To begin planning your house build you need to think about the end. That being the final product how big where you would like it to be and how it will sit at the site.

Where would you like to place your house?

Are you planning on moving around and traveling a lot?

Do you see yourself in a backyard or in an RV park or a private lot or acreage?

How big or small will the house be?

How many people will it need to house?

What do you need in the way of possessions in your house?

Will you have pets? Guests? Overnight? 

Spend some time in an RV if you can to get a sense of space and storage.

Orientation how will your house sit on site? When planning you will want to have window and door placement for natural light and access southern exposure in winter. Summer heat and shade trees and other buildings. Will you site deal with wind, rain and drainage of the site.

These are all considerations to ponder along with whether or not you want to build on a trailer or a foundation and if so what kind? Permanent, semi permanent, on skids, blocks or footers.

This is an interactive process so questions and comments are encouraged and well necessary to help create the finished product, your house.

I am here to help make that happen to facilitate. To remove the obstacles and barriers and beliefs that are stopping you from having the confidence to create this tiny living space you want.

Lets have fun and create a place to call your own 😉

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