Mortgage free …the death of a 30 year commitment

I see the writing on the wall don’t you? The banks have gone to far! The construction industry has gone to far! Realtors have stepped across the line! There are big changes coming for all three of them. There has been a collusion for too long forcing people into spending more and more money for housing out of nothing more than pure greed!

What if we just don’t play their game anymore? Stop buying overpriced, undervalued, poorly built houses. Stop paying 20, 25 and 30 year loans and spending all your time working to pay for them. This is not an investment. It’s an enslavement. An enslavement that you don’t have any control over. We don’t set the prices or the values on these “investments” other entity decide if the house you just bought will go up or down in value and when. But your still responsible either way.

What if you pay cash for a house and never owe a payment to a bank again?

Now what would you do with all that extra time/money you would other wise be spending on a mortgage?

Well first off you would not have to work full time. Your boss won’t be able to hang your job over your head any more because he/she knows you have bills to pay and can’t afford to lose your income. With your time back in your hands you can pursue interests that have been side lined or put on the back burner of life. Family time to spend with them now that hustle and bustle are a thing of the past. Self, where did the time to take care of you go?

What would you do if you had TIME? You can sell your time but you can’t buy it and you only have so much…

Now if you live closer to work and the grocery store you may not even need a car?!

Wait just a minute Here!!

Am I saying no car and no house payment/rent!?! YES!

I just eliminated the two biggest things in life you spend money on 😉  Or maybe an inexpensive one as it is not a daily driver any more.

Well go ahead ask me. How am I going to do that?

I’m glad you asked. Build a tiny house. Place it near where you work and shop then ride a bike or walk to get around. You will have the time to walk/ride because your cost of living will be a fraction of it’s former self and the dreaded 40 hour work week will be a thing of the past.

You will no longer need the bank because you will pay cash for everything. You no longer need credit cards.  Money the stuff we seem to never have enough of (because we spend over half of what we make on housing and transportation) will suddenly be available. If you save it by putting away the same amount you were spending on a house and car you could retire at 35 instead of 65+!

I think the best thing you could do with your spare time is learn to build that tiny house and get out or avoid the current housing trap designed to make you work till you drop while others make huge profits off your hard work.

Slow down and ride a bike down to the farmers market and get some fresh ingredients for a slow home cooked meal with your friends and family.

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  1. Great article! It encourages people to think for themselves rather than follow the herd. Also, do you know where the tiny house pictured is located? I’d seen it before on the web and thought it might be in Eureka Springs, Arkansas but could never confirm that.

  2. I love your article, I found it encouraging. Been following the tiny house movement for quite some time…about 4 or 5 years now…wish I could afford to build one on a trailer…but I have a bus that can accomplish the same thing…except not so elegantly. 🙂 Love your inspiration here!

  3. Awesome article! This is great advice that more people should follow. I’m currently doing the “mortgage” thing on a 30 year loan. I’ve been seriously talking with my wife about downsizing and getting rid of this place and the payment that goes with it. My home, roughly 1200 sq feet, is a modest size by materialistic standards. However, it is more than we need. I want more time to pursue my passions and spend time with those that matter to me. Simple living will make that possible.

    too many people get caught up in the rat race and spend their entire lives chasing an illusion. I’m getting off of the treadmill.

    thank you for the inspiration~

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