Micro housers episode 3 8×12 floor and subdeck

The video is up on you tube and a picture commentary posted here.

I reframed the 8×8 floor expanding it to 8×12. By adding to 12 foot 2×4 plates and cutting the old 8 ft plates down for floor joists I only added one more floor joist to make up the added four feet.  

Above is the disassembled 8×8 frame. The 12 foot plates needed 1/2 an inch trimmed off the ends as they were running long. I used a small miter or chop saw to do this.   Be carefull using power tools if you do not have experience ask someone to show you how to use them. After cutting the plates to length I marked the plates to 16 inch spacing of the joists.   I attached the new longer plates and now we have a 12×8 floor 96 square ft of floor.

The frame is square and ready for decking 3/4 in plywood is used in a staggered pattern to keep seams form lining up. So one and a half sheets from one end to the other two rows wide.  Above full sheets placed and ready for half sheets. Getting ready to cut the sheet in half marked and propped up to cut. Be careful using power saws have someone show you how. They can be dangerous. I set the depth on the saw for just over 3/4 in so as to not cut down into materials below.   

Above I snapped a line with my chalk box layed the sheet out supporting it on the frame and elevated it with some scrap blocks I’m ready to safely cut it in half. The deck is on and ready for walls screw down with 1 1/2 inch construction screws every six inches mark your floor joist so you don’t miss them.

Here are some of the tools you will need to build your micro house a power miter saw to cut lumber to length. A framing hammer a utility knife, level, carpenters pencil, safety glasses, ear protection, 25ft tape measure, hand saw, marker, speed square, cats paw, caulk gun, slap stapler. Not shown cordless drill and bits and skill saw.

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  1. Thanks for your blog! I’d like your advice about building the tiny home and then jacking it later to place it on a trailer. You see, I don’t have the trailer yet… is it silly for me to build this way? What challenges might come up with this? Other than the obvious chance that the measurements are off. How would you jack and place it? What’s the best frame/base to use for building it on grass? Thank so much!!!

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