live mortgage free episode #4

Hello micro housers. In this video I cover shopping for materials some more.

I got a great deal on a couple of windows. Stopped by a door and window store and asked if they had any bone yard windows. Then a lumber and building store scored another window discounted out front. Called four lumber yards pricing cedar siding found it for $1.40 a lineal ft.

Stopped by a building salvage yard looking for doors and windows. No luck.

Then off to a big box hardware and lumber store to get the insulation and 2×4 lumber.

Finally the only place that had 1×6 t and g wall paneling at $.40 a foot.

I am working on a special surprise that will really make this a different look and feel to the tiny/micro house genre I hope you will like it. Stay tuned for the next phase and video.

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Here is the video.

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