Free tiny houses for everyone !

That’s right all micro housers who read this can have a free tiny house.  If that is true are you ready to move in? If someone gave you a free tiny house what would you do? How would it change your lifestyle? Do you have one picked out yet? Did you want to have it built or build it yourself? You may be wondering why I am asking so many questions but they all need to be answered. So where are you going to put your new home? Have you pared down your possessions to move in?

I suppose I should back up a minute and ask. Do you want a micro house? Do you want a free tiny/micro house? If so how badly do you really want one?  I ask because everyone who wants one bad enough can and should have one. The fact of  the mater is you all only need to say YES and make it happen for your selves. So can you picture yourself here? Great If you said yes. So what do you think it is worth? $10K?  $20 -$30k or more? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is you already have the money. Just stop spending it on other things and use it to build that house by diverting the funds and make it happen. It’s free! You aren’t spending a dime on it! If you are already spending money on housing it is probably more than you would living in a tiny house.

So find a way to move out of your current housing. Stay with a friend or family member and divert the founds you just saved to build the tiny home. It seems to me you can’t afford not to. You’re loosing money every day you don’t. Your cost of living will shrink to almost nothing. Now you can do what ever you want . Work part-time. Quit your job and get one you really like. Travel. Go to school or even volunteer. Pursue that hobby or interest you really like.

You now have time and money maybe for the first time in your life. So give yourself the gift of a tiny house and celebrate your new freedom take the day off. You can afford it 😉    

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36 thoughts on “Free tiny houses for everyone !”

  1. The idea is awesome wife and I started considering similar idea with Katrina Kottages. You could actually own a liveable albeit small house for under $10k

  2. you certainly have a way of painting a nice verbal image…I’m trying to picture what my family would require, with my husband, 2 sons & 3 4-footed housemates. Things, I can certainly live w/o, but I haven’t seen anything on families w/ children living small…(ok, I’ve seen a cpl w/very young children, but mine are 11 & 17…?)
    Also searching for info on homesteading…idk where we’d set our tiny home…

  3. I like what you are saying 🙂 Me, my husband and our 3-year old girl currently live in a 600 sf apartment and we have a lot of space and empty cabinets! We are looking to buy a tiny/small house. There are still some old log or wood houses built in the turn of the 1800/1900 that are under 500 sf. Many of them have been extended on, but are still under 900 sf. If we found a tiny house, we would need to build a studio for me as I’m an artist. If we got about 900 sf then I could work in part of the house. In any case, buying a small old house would save us a lot of money. If I was single I would totally get a tiny house on wheels and park it in my sister’s garden 🙂 Or just move into the “summer house” in their yard. The original builders of their house lived in it while building, and I doubt it’s much bigger than 100 sf.
    It would be great to have a home fully paid for, and the cheaper we go the sooner it will be. Unfortunately the location we want, near family, is on the expensive side.

  4. Hey Kevin! Just wanted to say thank you for your spirited cheer in favor of tiny homes. Since my divorce i have paired down my belongings to the essentials and will be soon moving into my own 7’x12′ cabin on a gorgeous bit of land. Thank you for your blog.

  5. I would love one. My life is changing and it would be perfect for me. Thanks for all the informantion. Love the one turned with the door on the long wall. I spend most of my time outside anyway. Why do I need a big house? Thanks again!

  6. Someone needs a dictionary. FREE doesn’t mean, “change your spending habits.” That kind of fast and loose use of the language makes my head pop off.

    1. I agree with Jill. I currently have some “extra” teenagers living with me and a tiny house would be perfect for them(in pairs). I have the land but my budget is already strained and my “kids” work to cover college expenses. Disappointed.

    2. I also agree with Jill. Pretty loose language. My husband and my children and I live with family. Our spending habits include meals, diapers, formula, etc. Not really something we can change to build a tiny house. Although if we could get one, it would change our life to more than perfect.

  7. Im 55 years old, I fell 10 years ago, My only income is $1000.00 a month. Im so lucky that my son has let me live with with his family. I would Love to have a small Tiny house/cottage of my own. My son has a big piece of land so I wont have to buy a piece land to put it on. My grandkids are close by,We have13 Tragetly our Oldest, 18, passed away 4 weeks ago, I think having my own little cottage, It would be a blessing. A place where her sisters, brothers.cousins & Friends could hang out , play games, watch movies & make Memories.

  8. Love these .My husband and I have wanted to put tiny houses in our small comunity as motel rooms. This would be a great start. We live in a town of 300 and closest motel is to the north 37 miles to the east 20 miles, to the south 30 miles to the west 27 miles.Thanks for considering me for a tiney home.Candy

  9. Living in an apartment with 748sq ft I would so love a place of my own. I have been looking at tiny homes plans and have found several I like that are 750-850 sq ft. and very spacious. I am current on sec. 8 housing and desperately want to get off. I strongly feel that the money the government spends on paying for housing, people can have a tiny home and it be paid for, thus saving millions every year. If one does the math it would be much more cost effective as opposed to paying years and years, thousands and thousands of dollars. I am racking my brain as to how I could have a tiny home and no longer depend on housing. I would love being considered for a tiny home
    Thank you for your time

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  11. I am disabled and I live with my long term girlfriend we both live frugally on our disability checks. Our children are grown and live on their own I have just stumbled onto this site and am totally intrigued with the Idea of a micro home…We have been considering an RV or mobile home to live in as we are both are on fixed incomes (Permanent disability) I find this a much more attractive option for us……..

  12. Nice way of phrasing this — though a bit unrealistic for some people, I suspect. In my case, I can’t live without a washing machine, can’t get off (the bed on) the floor, and I cant climb a ladder…..but otherwise, definitely appeals to me!

  13. I’d love a FREE tiny house and a place to put it.

    Like others here, I am disabled and living as I do, on an extremely low fixed income, I have NOWHERE else to live, no friends or family who would incorporate me into their lives! Even if I could GET a tiny house, I couldn’t PUT it anywhere! 🙁

    1. I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine.His name is Sean Stevenson.He is 3 ft tall.Sean is a author,highly paid speaker,Sean has not one but two Phd’s (a double doctor) He is married,had his own T.V. show.He cannot walk or bathe himself He uses a wheelchair to get around.Sean has had over 200 bone fractures in his life.Here is a video of him.There are more on his you tube channel.

  14. My dream is to have a bus and convert it into my home. I’ve always wanted to live on wheels as far back as I can remember. I’m prayin by 2017 my wish comes true.

  15. Were are an older couple, retired and on fixed income. Would love a tiny house to llive in Oregon during the summer months. Our health is such that the heat in Texas, where we live, is detrimental to our health. Wish we had the money to say ok, build us one but we don’t. But to dream is always good.

  16. Love your houses. My husband is going blind, we can’t do the big house anymore. Am very interested in getting out from under the large house and big yard and going small. Need to have a life change.. Soon,.

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