Framing a wall with a window.Up close and personal.

Hi micro housers The much anticipated and sought after post . Framing a wall with a window is here the video to this post will be up also .Plus a sneak peek at the SECRET PROJECT sort of 😉 So a pictorial review of how to lay out and design your wall to include a window(s) . Here are 3 new windows I purchased at a (boneyard) Thats wear they send windows that are unwanted for one reason or another. These windows were a bargain at $75 to $85 ea.   

 And just to show you they really are from a boneyard 😉


Here is a shot of the design process cutting the studs to length .


This shot is the top and bottom plates during layout wall studs are every 16 in and the header (2×6 laying sideways ) that transfers the load of the wall around the window down to the floor.


This is a view of the complete wall ready for sheeting . Here is some framing terminology The top and bottom boards are the top and bottom plates the full length boards on 16 in centers are called STUDS. The outside full length boards next to the window opening are called KING STUDS.The 2×6 at the top of the opening is the HEADER. The boards that support it to the floor are called JACK STUDS. The short 2×4 across the bottom of the opening is the SILL. The short boards under the sill and over the header are called CRIPPLES.


The theory is all the outside walls of the house are load bearing walls ( they carry the roof load to the floor when you put a door or window in the walls they can’t bear weight so you frame around them and transfer the weight of the wall  around and down to the floor so the window or door is floating in the wall.


The window that goes into this wall is 20in wide and 30in tall the framed opening is 21in x 31 in so the window can be shimmed level and square in the opening.

The next step will be to nail it all together and put the exterior sheeting on and raise it in place on the floor. The wall is actually 89in wide it sets inside the long side walls so the total width is 96 in or 8 ft less the thickness of the other 2 walls 3 1/2 in ea or 7 in total . 


Here is a shot of the secret project veiled in a shroud of secrecy. just a little teaser 😉 I think there will be a contest to name it as a component of the micro house so stay tuned.  


Let me know if I explained this well enough or if you have any questions. Thanks Kevin.





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    1. Hi Julie I think the only thing your in need of is a little confidence.The first thing I want you to do is make a mistake . Now that you got that over with there is about $45 – $50 worth of 2×4 lumber in that wall go build one. If you goof it up so what just take it apart and fix it .Everyone I want you to practices making a wall. That’s your homework assignment this week 😉

  1. In order to prevent a window from being a weak spot especially in a load-bearing wall, it must be properly framed in. This is definitely important in both new house construction or if you are just going to add a window to a blank wall. When the framing operation is finished, be sure to caulk all seams where pieces of wood come together to add insulation to the structure.

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