The secret formula for framing a wall with a window/door

Micro housers ,up date and addendum to yesterdays post.I received feedback that this looks to be an advanced carpentry post for some that have no or little experience. So I thought I would deconstruct the project a little farther. In this series of photos I will lay out the lumber to build this wall and explain as I go . There is a video up on my you tube channel to go with this post as well .It is #8 and a bonus #7 shows the difference in framing a door versus a window. Let me know if this helps.If you want to build this wall in your house or practice with it I will give you all the measurements.  first shot shows top and bottom plates on the floor 89 inches.

next the end wall studs 93 inches long.

Then fill in the wall studs every 16 on center .

Next if this is a wall with no windows or doors here you go done ready to sheet and stand up.

for the window add two king studs 93 inches.

then put in your trimmers they hold up your header and are 77 1/2 inches.

The header lies on top and it is two pieces of 2×6 with a 1/2 inch spacer in between to bring them flush with the face of the wall they are 24 inches.

 Here is a header sandwich hold the mayo 😉

The cripples are supporting the lower part of the window under the sill they are 45 3/8 inches.the sill sets on the cripples it is 21 inches.

the upper cripples are 10 inches above the header.

Now just nail it all together and you can stand it up with or without sheeting what ever you prefer .

I f you sheet first let the sheets overhang on the sides 3 1/2 inches to cover the ends of the side walls. Here is the difference between a window frame and a door frame no sill plate and no lower cripples. Just frame to the dimensions of the door you put in one inch over just like the window.   

 There you have it the recipe for how to make a wall . Now micro housers your homework assignment is go get the lumber (this wall cost about $45 to $50 ) and build your own wall. Have fun.

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  1. Kevin, Your series of blog posts and videos are absolutely the best tutorials out there; I’ve been looking awhile. So many books and articles assume a level of knowledge beyond mine and I suspect that of others. Pleeeaaaseee keep them up! You’re a natural communicator.

  2. What Gil said. Keep it up Kevin, but make sure not to neglect the family 🙂
    That’s the balance I’m working on since more people have found my blog.
    and yes, we should get together next spring. My father lives in Winachee.

    Cheers, can’t wait for the surprise!

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