Gig Harbor /Seattle fun

Took some time off and had a visit with some of my kids and grandkids last week. Saw some very interesting sights had some great food and played with my grand baby’s. For instants we visited the famous Fremont troll under the bridge. My grandson was not interested in getting that close. 


The troll is very large can you see the car in his left hand?


Me checkin for boogies .


I also witnessed a very fascinating sight in a stream that flows into Gig Harbor (part of Puget Sound) here in washington state. Salmon spawning ! I have lived in this state over 20 years and never seen this amazing spectical.I was told by some locals these were Chum salmon.


I was right on the edge of the stream bed so close I could touch them. The salmon were swimming up the shallow stream splashing me as they went by.


After they spawn they die and there body’s return nutrients to the water.


The eggs will hatch and the young will spend some time in fresh water before returning to sea .


  I will be putting up some more framing and building post and videos soon so stay tuned . P. S . I have a video of the salmon run in action on my you tube channel if you are interested.

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  1. You have a wonderful family! Wonder what prompted someone to make a troll under a bridge?..probably so they could say” there’s a troll under the bridge!” and they wouldn’t be lying!

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