Episode 10 is live in the step by step how to do it yourself .

Hello Micro housers here is number 10 hot off the press . I am holding a spring workshop hands on. Building walls and floor. How to use power tools. Planning ,off grid ,electrical,ect…We will cut wood and pound nails and use screws. Not just talk about it.If you like what you see on the videos you will love what you will get in person. 

Let me know by email kevin@mobile-clean.com and tell me what your big takeaway will be from the event .If you are looking for a hands on confidence building experience where you can get all your questions answered get on the list. The class will be limited so everyone gets plenty of hands on.

we have a great conversation going on the FB page     http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/kevinsmicrohomestead/105660872825525 if you want to get involved or just listen in. and as always thanks for your views and comments.

Well without further ado here’s  the vid   http://youtu.be/3smUubNfaHA enjoy.

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  1. It is YOU who are indispensable, Kevin. Another great one, thanks!

    Q: I read about “Hurriquake” sheathing nails (article in Popular Science or Mechanics awhile back.) They were developed by an engineer who did a PhD on why small buildings collapse in hurricanes and earthquakes. He put cabins under stresses and says screws break off at the head and regular sheathing nails pull out. Bostitch bought the patent to his nails and sells them now at the big box stores. The downside is they’re hard to pull out if you make a mistake. Do you think it’s worth it to pay the extra cost for these sheathing nails?

    1. Hi Gil and thanks for the kind words.I’m not familiar with those fasteners.I would say that if using them is peace of mind for you or your in an area that is prone to those disasters great. I know that Jay Shafer pulls his tiny homes all over the u.s. and has know problems .Glue all sheathing onto the framing use hurricane clips on the rafters.Are you planning on moving your house a lot?

  2. Not a lot, but I live in ‘Hurricane Alley’ and I saw results of the destruction in Joplin, MO, last summer. It’s the twisting torsion stresses of a tornado or hurricane that I’m most worried about in a light structure like this. Here’s a link to the Pop Sci “Innovation of the Year Award” in 2006 for the Hurriquake nail. See if you don’t think this might be a no-brainer for any tiny house like this:


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