wall two gets a new skin project update .

Hi Micro housers here is the latest on the project. It’s Dec 29 and no snow sunny 50 degrees here in eastern Wa I’m excited! Feels like I’m cheating on winter. So here is wall number two ready to sheath and apply house wrap.

I cut one 4×8 sheet in half and squared it up on the right side of the wall. Notice the factory edges on the outside edges of the wall (green paint) gives a nice clean edge.

Next sheet and covered 32 square feet of wall I will cut this window out later when I’m ready to install it. This wall is to the south where we get most of our weather.

Next I installed a whole sheet over the top and across the door opening. I ran it wild (longer than i need) and will trim it later.

And finally covered the small portion at the bottom left so the entire wall is covered and square.

Now I will apply the house wrap all seams and overlaps should be taped for a good seal.

Now we’re all wrapped and ready to stand up. I will leave the extra material on until I’m ready to install the doors and windows to help keep out the weather.

Here is my tool caddy with the tools I need to work on this phase It’s very handy to keep everything close at hand.

Here are the tools I used today to get the job done. Be safe enjoy and comment or ask questions and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the next update.  

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