Episode 14 the one about the Nailing procedure

Ok hi everyone I was asked by a number of readers if I would do a how to on nailing a wall  frame together.There is a process to that so here is the method I will do a photo commentary of the progress of the micro house project shortly but this video is hot off the press so I wanted  to get it to you.We have four walls now and ready to frame the roof yea! The roof will get us to the point of (dried in ) so we will have a shell and be weather tight. Very exciting as it is winter here in the pacific northwest and cold .

If it was spring or summer and you wanted to you could use it as a hard sided tent and begin living out of it as you finnish the house (for the adventurous types out there 😉 this would save you money on living expenses that you could use to pay for materials.The whole thing is an adventure really right! So have fun.I will be doing a video shortly showing you how to save $ 1000.00 of dollars on your project in a very unique and innovative way so stay tuned . you may want to subscribe so you will be the first to get the latest episodes as they come out delivered straight to you and the youtube channel for all the latest action.Oh and don’t forget the face book page by the same name.Here is the video   http://youtu.be/odlrD4MKPHg enjoy.

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