Well the wildlife like it .

I shot the photo this morning I guess the local wildlife don’t mind the micro homestead so it’s a good footprint.

In the following pictures I took some angles to get some perspective on size and space. All the walls are in place and I temporarily placed a metal roof on it to keep out the weather. 

I will spend some time in and out of the building to get a feel for the space as I layout the rest of the interior. The bath and kitchen need some thought as space and function are a premium. I am also still deciding about the height of the roofline in relation to the loft.

I may drop the floor of the loft down a bit for more head room in it. There are plenty of windows to keep a small space feeling big.

I will do a video walk around of the project as it is to give you a look at the space.

There will be over 1000 cubic feet of space inside the house and about 152 square ft with the loft.

I’m thinking about a wood stove and a propane heater so I can use wood when I want to save money and have propane so I’m not tethered to feeding the stove day and night.

Today I will finnish wrapping the walls in house wrap and cut out the door. If I have time I will start the roof frame. I am thinking of putting on a workshop. The waiting list is half full. If you want on the list just email me at kevin@mobile-clean.com I will let you know about the dates and time and price first before I open it up to everyone else.

This will be valuable hands on building experience with a general contractor carpenter live to guide ou and answer your questions. Lots of tips, tricks and trade secrets on how to get it right.

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  1. Our place seemed to attract Turkeys when we were building it too. I’ve not seen as many in recent years thanks to a Bobcat who had quite a fondness for them.

    What pitch will the roof be?

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