Beware when buying tiny house plans…

Hello micro housers It has been brought to my attention by several people recently that tiny house plans are being sold online that appear to have complete framing details yet when purchased do not in fact have those details in the set.If you are looking to buy plans for tiny houses and are not a skilled builder or carpenter you will have a lot of difficulty trying to create a framing plan and a materials take off so you know how much and what kind of materials to purchase .

 Any good set of plans should have a bare minimum framing sheets and a materials list with specifications for types of materials .A better set of plans will give cut sheets telling you every cut of every component of the plan .A great set of plans will give you detailed instructions on how to assemble the components and build the entire project.  An excellent set of plans will come with a support system in the form of some sort of help or contact that you can get questions answered about the process as you go.

An exceptional set of plans will have dvds in combination to show you the process and walk you thru the project step by step so you can build with confidence and know that the project has actually been tested and proven .A designer should be willing to offer ongoing technical  support to make sure you are successful with your project . A designer should be offering you a guaranty risk free money back offer if you aren’t satisfied with the quality and detail of the plan.

  So be aware of what you are buying and whether you are getting a set of plans you will actually be able to read and understand a set of plans that has everything you need for your skill level to alow you to successfully complete your project from start to finnish and not leave you in the lurch lacking the details and direction and support to create your dream micro home. Be carefull out there 😉

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  1. has a couple different plans. You have to pay for them but they are affordable and all of them I have bought have been complete with framing details and material lists. Just fyi!

  2. Anyone care to comment on the quality of the plans from Tumbleweed Houses? They are insanely expensive, but are they worth it? I have held back from buying their plans for this very reason. I worry that it’s just a get rich quick scheme. Thanks Kevin.

  3. I bought the Bodega. THEY DID NOT COME WITH FRAMING PLANS OR CUT SHEET. This house is one that is not on wheels. I was very very disappointed. I paid $195.00 but, thank goodness I didn’t get them full price or I would have been even more upset. Just beware….I like Dan Louche his plan has everything plus and they are for the house on wheels. He will return emails and discuss any questions you have with the plans. I bought the new plans from him for 219.00 it comes with materials list and where to get the items you will need. A cut sheet and how to put your home together. I hope this helps…

    1. Lory, I believe this is why the price structure for the trailer houses is more. However, I still don’t see the value in how expensive they are.

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