Start living the micro life today

So you want to live in a micro house ? A tiny house? Ever wonder what it really will be like ? Why not start now?What if you start living like you already live the micro lifestyle? Live simply and minimally right now start today.


Here is an experiment live in the same square footage of space as a micro house has only in your current home .You could clear out a room of all but the things that you would have in that house just the furniture and belongings suitable for that lifestyle and daily living.So only the clothes and shoes only the personal items you would use in a space that big .The space could be around 125 150 square ft.


Now that¬†applies to your kitchen use only the space of the counters and cabinets that would be in a tiny house.Next is the fridge just use the same space as a small one that would be in a micro house.Put away everything that doesn’t fit and see how it feels to use and live in that space (no cheating ūüėČ how will you wash your clothes ? how will you shop for food that fits that space and lifestyle?

What will stay and what will go try removing everything first and only allow  what is necessary at first then see if you need more .Mentally move out of your house pack your bags and act like your going to a hotel .There is a bed a dresser a tv a mini fridge microwave a little coffee pot a closet and a bath room.So simple and uncluttered you bring your clothes and a laptop a phone and not much else.Sometimes there is a bar sink and little counter maybe a desk but it probably is as big or bigger than a micro house.


How does that feel? What is left over? Will you or do you miss it?   can you do without it? can you sell it or give it away ? You are now consciously shrinking your foot print on this planet.Your consumtion and waste should radically reduce. As your awareness changes so will your habits .A big and noticeable side effect will be the money left over every week or month. Another side effect is time more of it as there is less to maintain and clean .You may find yourself calmer and happier as there is less to do and worry over .The overwhelm of everyday stuff should dissipate. Maybe you can move to a smaller living space less expensive to live  and maintain.


Or you just might go get a micro house and start living small in a large way .Who knows you just might find yourself!?! 



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  1. This tiny is AMAZING. Did you build it? It’s such a HOME! I’m so jealous of whoever gets to live there. Can you give us some square footage and floor plan info on it? It’s beautiful.

      1. I kept coming back to your blog hoping to find more info on this adorable Tiny. I finally found it on line …

        Love this article. It is, unfortunately, a garden shed and I would suspect you would experience some zoning and Residential Building Code issues if you attempted to modify it. But the article references an architect who designed it so surely he would be able to appropriately … legally … assist in the design.

  2. What a fantastic idea. I can’t build a tiny house yet but I am applying certain principles to my existing lifestyle and setup that emulate what you are saying. I started with the minimalist approach when I was traveling by motorcycle. Always finding ways to reduce the load and gear I had to wear without compromising safety, comfort or practicality. These ideas can work for energy consumption, food and all of needs in life.

  3. Recently I found your YouTube channel when I was searching for tutorials on basic construction principles. I am so grateful that you had the idea to put together those videos. I used to think that it would be impossible for me to learn how to build a tiny house. But after watching your videos I am feeling more and more confident that I could make my dreams of building my own house happen! Thank you for all you do!

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