The roof. Get it done .And the bigger message .Self reliance.

Hello again Micro housers time for more how to .I have been teaching you how to build a tiny house for the last few months but really the bigger picture is learning to be more self-reliant.I think with skills like these you can take back your life and be in control of your time and money .You can almost do away with the largest expense in life housing!


These photos show the detail of the roof framing and sheathing this is a gambrel or barn type roof system .It has more volume of space in it than a gable or A type roof.


It took about 2 hrs to frame a sheath this roof as we had all the components pre cut and ready to assemble.We had to beat the weather after taking off the temporary roof .


Roof shelled in and gable ends still need covered then we can paper in the roof with 30lb felt .That done and we are dried in as a shell .


Here is a shot of the framing looking up from inside spacing is two foot on centers.WE put a row of osb on to lock the frame and steady it before the wind got to it .


Here is a photo showing the difference in an A roof and a barn roof  volume wise there is quite a bit more head space as you can see.


After all the subdeck is installed it is quite strong my son is about 200lbs standing on top no problem for snow loads here.


There is a saying I really like ” The more you know the less you need” I really like that knowing how to build your own house and fix things .Growing your own food or some of it .Ride a bike instead of a car and take back your life. I will continue to teach independent living for the rest of my life.I like empowering others and seeing them live better for it is my soul purpose and I am passionate about it .We will continue to explore ways to become more self reliant on this site and living lightly on the planet .

I have a mission to help 10,ooo people  to live life by their own design. Independent self-reliant lives of their choosing. Owning and building your own home outright is a big step in that direction.











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11 thoughts on “The roof. Get it done .And the bigger message .Self reliance.”

  1. I like your mission. I’d like to sign up to be one of the 10,000. : ) We are newlyweds, but not the ages you’d think. At 46 & 47, we figure we’re in our midlife-stage, and the perfect time to majorly change the way we’ve been doing things. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

  2. Hey Kevin, awesome project you’ve got going, learning some good things from you, A question for the trusses, how do you know how many you need and how far apart do you space them?

    1. Hi Karl and thanks .The trusses are set the same as wall framing either 16 inch or 24 inch on center .On this project I went 24 inch you can see the live load ( my son at about 200 lbs ) was no problem on the roof code up here in wa for snow load in our part of the state is 40 lbs per sq ft. and with a metal roof shedding snow and the severe pitch of the roof line we are well compensated.

  3. Hey Kevin, I was just curious about the ends on the loft level. Don you not have to frame them out? I would think it necessary so you can insulate them. Thanks.

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