The $500,000 half a million dollar micro house!!

Yes you read that right .Are you insane !! your probably thinking right now what does a half million dollar micro house look like? Maybe your wondering what the heck are you building it out of precious metal? is this thing the Prada or Gucci bag of tiny houses? Well not exactly.But I will lay claim to that dollar figure as a true and accurate value for the house I’m building. 


Ok so here is the deal It’s not the cost .It’s the savings! If you take a 30 year mortgage that is 360 months and a payment of  $1388 .00 per month and for the sake of argument it includes the principle, interest,taxes and insurance on the house it adds up to $500,000 over the life of the loan.Pretty scarry huh? Well that does not even include any upkeep or maintenance!


There are some other things to consider here in the next 30 years or 360 months are you ever going to refinance or take out a second mortgage maybe one of those handy low interest equity lines to pay for a few dream vacations or toys . Sure could use a boat or a couple of four wheelers .Maybe a big ol R.V. to hang out in on the weekends.Could be your just paying college tuition or a wedding .Point is the loan may never get paid off.


Here is a real life problem. The market crashes and the dang thing isn’t even worth what you owe on it and your stuck upside down as they say.Sound familiar ? Well not so with a tiny house. You pay cash$$ up front and your done .So what is it really worth? $300,$400 ,$500 thousand dollars or more.It’s money in your hand ! Not in the house.Save it and pay cash for all the fun experiences you can now afford not paying a big fat mortgage to the BANK OF FOREVER IN DEBT.

Plus its beach front property where ever you go:) Now wouldn’t it be wise to learn to build your own micro house ? Look at what there worth!!

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  1. Okay, Kevin: I’m a believer! I’m working toward my retirement, and I want to do it “tiny-style”! Keep those posts coming, because we are LISTENING! Teach us more!

    Mary The Knitter

  2. what a great change is coming over most American’s-whether they like it or not! We are going to look back with great shame at the 20th C. Many things could have been accomplished but we chose bigger, not better. More, not quality. And self rather than others.

    be well; peace…dan

  3. Have you built you’res yet? Your going too write? When your done I’d like to sea pictures of you’res.

    Really? Your?

  4. I have a feeling these houses are aimed at the same type of folks who buy $12 bottles of water. Tiny houses are the new “in-thing” for people who want to look like they’re living an alternative lifestyle, but not quite ready to give up driving that Mercedes CLK.

    Shame really, because like all things that go this route, ready made tiny houses will now be out of reach for people who really need them.

    Well, that’s where you come in, Kevin!

    BTW, your post tags could use commas between the terms. Right now they’re tagged as one big sentence so you’re not getting indexed in the WordPress tags list.

    1. I echo your comment. Its a real challenge when you are trying to build something (anything really), move onto your rural property when you aren’t earning even 5 figures. Try doing it with NO EXTRA $$$s. I don’t have any luxuries to give up to route the money toward on of these expensive stick and frame beasts that try to look just like a shrunken suburb dwelling. I could give up internet, but then I wouldn’t be able to look at sites like yours. The reality is I’m disabled getting $700/mo. to live on. Try running some numbers and math around that reality.

      1. the reality is you need to create a cash income under the radar to fund your project .there are dozens of ways to make extra money on a shoe string start up . I have a friend who is 3 ft tall never walked in his life sits in a wheel chair and has a phd he makes plenty of money with his mind.

  5. I agree with Eksith. I love the concept of the Tumbleweed houses but they really are out of reach of the average person. Many of the models cost more than I paid for my home including interest.

    Keep up the great work here!

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