Micro houses update .

Yes it’s about time! I have been remiss in my posting .I have been side tracked by health concerns I lost over 30 lbs in 8 weeks yea! but it has captivated much of my time. So the good news is I lowered my blood pressure ,I’m breathing better no more sleep apnea.No snoring,more energy,walking over45 miles a week and less back pain.

I also started another micro house project! What like I need 2. This was a side project and it is a certified green (by me) home zero cost made by all salvaged materials from other projects.It is extra micro tiny house footprint and carbon neutral.


This is the kid cube 4x4x4 for my grand kids. Agreat place and space to keep kids and toys contained.It will fit thru the french doors so it can be an indoor outdoor home so plenty of flex space .


So a little fun project for my 3 grandys when they come to visit Papa and Gagas house.


More progress on the first micro house working on the roof again.We had a minor set back the wind whipped up the other day and a large sheet of tar paper whet flying by my window the other day and I looked out to see the wind shred one side of the roof  BOO!


So I thought I better get out there and get er done! Started assembling the front eave and drip edge so we could get the metal on .


I cut 2×6 material on it’s edge to create an overhang to keep the weather off the front face of the house.Then I toe nailed it to the face even with the roof line .

After I installed that I cut and installed metal drip edge so water would shed away from the wood edge.


Here are the materials I used to create this overhang. and to start the roof the ridge cap and metal cut and ready to install on the first slope.


Ran out of day light so back at it in the morning .The snow has come and gone again warming back up again spring? Hope so not that this winter has been a bad one but looking forward to warmer weather and getting the garden going. and finishing up the micro house to use this year.


More updates soon progress progress looking forward to the next phases and spending more time on the project .Enjoy the photos . 

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  1. Hey….the most important thing right now is for you to GET WELL. The rest will fall into place just as it should after your health improves. Thanks for all you do. You’re surely appreciated by us all.

  2. Great news about your health, Kevin!

    “no more sleep apnea” See this is probably the most important thing. Sleep apnea is no joke and too many people take snoring for granted ignoring the health risks.

    Goes to show that it doesn’t take a gym membership and hundreds of dollars to make changes. That money’s better spent on good building material.

    Hope to see new videos up on your channel too!

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