Needs versus wants equals freedom versus a life of debt.

It seems in this day and age and in our culture we have a difficult time distinguishing between needs and wants.I hear people saying” I’m broke” or” I can’t make it from payday to payday”.I hear “I need a raise” On friday’s people are running to the bank to deposit their checks so they can by grocerys and get gas.It disturbs me that upon closer investigation these same people are paying $80-$100 or more for satellite T.V. $80-$100 or more for a smart phone plan $50 -$80 for internet and have a subscription for a movie plan.$10 dollars a month.The same people regularly go out to eat$10 t0 $20 buy coffee drinks$3 or $4 and cocktails at a club on the weekends$4 or $5 .Some smoke $5 a pack.

Now the problem is that the thinking is I need all this. It is the bare minimum to live life!   People that are on public assistants are paying for these things let alone the working people.It isnt just those WANTS that they are paying for it’s the car payment and the credit cards and the high rent or house payment too.We are out of balance .We think we NEED  all this when really we WANT it .Did you know that at the turn of the century the wealthiest people in the world (I’m talking about multimillionaires when a million dollars was a lot of money) did not have any of this! Today poor people quote unquote have more luxury than that.People at or below the poverty line enjoy a higher standard of living that the wealthy did then .They have running water flush toilets ,cell phones,heat and air conditioning,cars,electricity higher life spans (double) access to health care and more.

What we really have here is a money management problem and a perspective that we need all the luxury and really we just want it.

But the bigger issue is we trade our biggest most precious and valuable possession for all of these things with reckless abandon.Our TIME.We have a finite amount of TIME on this planet and we waste a tremendous amount of it in the pursuit of wants disguised as needs.We even trade our second most precious possession our HEALTH .It gets damaged by our lifestyle and eating habits that we create in the pursuit of  needs that are only wants. we work too much and sit too much then we eat too much and trade our health as a result of it .

So what is the solution to all this sobering and depressing conversation anyway.  Well for starters a good hard look at wants vs needs and getting present to what they are costing you in terms of your real quality of life.Become present and mindful of daily life and what really makes you happy .Get out of and stay out of debt! cook from scratch .It is healthier and less expensive than packaged and processed food. take a walk it is good excercise that costs nothing and gives you time to think about whats important.less cost of living means less need to work and more time to spend as you wish.Cut your cost housing ,transportation the two biggest and really look at wants and get that that is just what they are .The only things you really need are food clothing and shelter every thing else is luxury and vanity.At what cost are they really acquired ?

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  1. A pack of cigarettes in New York is now almost $11! And I’ve got a friend who still smokes three packs a week and complains how expensive it is.

    QUIT ALREADY!… is usually my response.

    It really does boggle the mind at how otherwise sensible people are so accustomed to wasting money on ultimately pointless things.

    Instead of blowing cash on more technology, they should be spending (if they must) wisely on technology.

    I.E. Do people really need TV and internet these days? Is the movie plan worth it when 99% of new movies are going to be availble for watching online in the future?

    Is that $5 Iced Carmel Macchiado from Starbucks worth it when you can make gallons of the stuff for yourself and friends at a fraction of the cost?

    Also, if someone can’t grow or make anything locally, the best alternative isn’t the supermarket, it’s the local grower. Buying local helps support the community and keeps money where it belongs… in the hands of the hardworking.

  2. Nice post and so true.

    Also, one can be much more grateful for all the stuff if one realises it’s all fluff. Needs NEED to be fulfilled, but once they are no longer real needs, it’s CHOICE and therefore wonderful!

  3. Thank you Kevin. I couldn’t agree more. Here are a few of my favorite quotes on the topic:
    “The wise man builds his world out of wonderful sunsets, and thrilling experiences, and the song of the stars, and romance, and miracles”. Bruce Barton

    “Imagine the happy life of one unattached to the material world. Free of the clothing problem. Free of food craving. Never begging, never touching cooked food except on alternate days, never carrying a begging bowl, free of all money entanglements, never handling money, never storing things away, always trusting in God. Free of transportation worries, never riding in vehicles, but always walking on the banks of the sacred rivers. Never remaining in one place longer than a week to avoid any growth of attachment. ” Mr. C. Richard Wright, on seeing Kara Patri. in Autobiography of a Yogi

    “Happiness is really rooted in simplicity. The tendency to excessiveness in thought and action diminishes happiness. Excesses cloud basic values. Religious people tell us that happiness comes from filling one’s heart with love, from faith and hope, from practicing charity and dispensing kindness. They actually are right.” Brian Weiss

    “He knew the worthlessness of luxuries, the joy of few possessions.” Yogananda referring to Luther Burbank

    “You have been taught that to be free you must disown, you must stand stripped and free mentally, from all possessiveness, whether of things, people or conditions.” Eva Bell Werber, Quiet Talks with the Master

    “We have one life. We have to spend it wisely. Don’t use yourself for things that aren’t worthwhile.” Rumi

    And a comment on what is in store for many in the future: “Voluntary poverty is a hell of a lot easier than involuntary poverty.” Dmitry Orlov

    I can quickly look up and share these with you because I live with only what I can carry on my back. Books are heavy, so as I read one, I put in my computer the best bits from each book, organized under topics – this one is “On Living Simply” I love this new life, which I have been enjoying for over 5 years now.


  4. “I too had woven a kind of basket of delicate texture…and instead of studying how to make it worth men’s while to buy my baskets, I studied rather how to avoid the necessity of selling them.”
    Henry David Thoreau, Walden

    This quote gave me the strength to keep on my journey to debt freedom. Excellent post!

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