The best Tiny house plans Step by step DIY with video on the planet!

Thats right I am beginning a project that will be the most comprehensive complete step by step do it yourself plans for building a tiny house on the planet!! If you want a tiny house and the only thing stopping you is HOW TO you wont need to know anything and you can follow this DVD video series .

This project will give you everything you need to know from start to finnish.The plans will show you how to find a trailer buy all your building materials (like how many 2×4 and sheets of plywood screws and nails windows and doors ect…)You can send a fax copy to the building centers to price the best package and have them set it up for pick up or delivery for you.Next know what tools you need and every cut of every board in the project.Watch the DVD s and get step by step instruction as you put your house together just like you have a contractor standing there helping you.  Get expert tips and tricks of the trade that make this project a breeze.

This set of plans is far beyond the detail of anything currently on the market today and would normally cost 3X what I will offer it for during the  pre sale before it is done .I will launch this project on kickstarter soon and you can buy advanced copys buy backing the project at the ridiculously low pre sale price .

I want everyone to have access to this level of knowledge and training so you can be self-reliant and mortgage free for life.

Please share this post and comment or ask all the questions you like to let me know your interest thanks .:)

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28 thoughts on “The best Tiny house plans Step by step DIY with video on the planet!”

      1. Kevin,
        You have already given us so much for free and I really appreciate it. It made me realize I can do this. I am a how to manual reader, DVD watcher. Can’t wait until your info is ready. I will have to do my little house in stages as I can afford it. Thanks so much.

    1. You are so sadly mistaken. If there was not profit motive, you could not to to the store and buy groceries, put gas in your car or even eat a meal. Profits pay the bills, keep schools open, make dreams come to life. Anyone who is against this is either insane, badly misinformed, a communist or just plain sick. In any event, if you are a “profit enemy” you need to go back to wherever you came from, if they will let you! Sick, sick, sick!

    2. You’ve confused “profit” with greed and selfishness. Profit is just payment for what you do in providing something for the public after you’ve been reimbursed for all the money you spent on materials.

    3. Everything that has been created in this world is because someone decided to sell it for a profit. In doing so, you are able to create more product and employ people . without sales there would be no manufactured goods at all. Why bother. I believe we owe all our advances to the capitalists of the world. Is it your entitlement to sit back and reap the efforts of someone else’s hard work? I think not. The problem with this country is not the people who are busting their ass everyday to make a difference but the sameness people who think the world owes them a living.The last time I looked we all had 24 hours in a day, it’s what you decide to do with your 24 that matters. I am a citizen and a veteran and damn proud of it as well, as an entrepreneur.

  1. I agree with Kevin. Only a saint would do otherwise and then he or she would have to depend upon charity for sustenance and shelter. Francis of Assisi could do that but generally that won’t work these days, except for people like Warren Buffet.

  2. I would like to buy the first DVD. Then if I find that I will follow through, I would like to purchase the others. I would like to know an approximate cost with just the basics(no finished walls inside) on a 10 ft X12 ft including insulation for the flooring only. I would begin by just building the barn shed as done in your other videos. I could add to the basic structure of the barn shed with a loft as money was available. I really want to do this, before I am not able. Live in California, and do not need permit for this size. Could add a porch or deck (200 sq.ft.) after finishing the inside.

  3. If something is given freely then there is very little value attached to it, be it information or hard goods. If you pay for the product, no matter what it is, then there is a value to it and you just might do something with it. Talking from experience
    about a minute ago

  4. As a full-time student and single-parent, scrimping and scraping by, I was in heaven the day I found your blog and youtube info on how to build my own little house. I look forward to the day my daughter and I will be able to live mortgage free – we live below the poverty level now and do not (I repeat, DO NOT) receive government assistance of any sort. While I do not mind paying the worker a worthy wage, I don’t think I will be able to ‘hire the worker’ if the price is too high….
    What can you offer to the “little guy” (who is really a woman) who struggles to make ends meet?

  5. Wow are you hostile! This is an open forum Mama. What you say here you say to anyone who is part of this. Johm has as much right to answer as anybody. With all that hostility I’m glad your not my neighbor


  6. Hi Anita,sorry I haven’t answered until now I have been chewing on your comment for a while .I want to create a solution for you.I believe where there is a will there is a way.Not knowing more about your life it is hard to answer but I want to remove road blocks to success.That is why I want to create this video series and plan set at a bargain price.The quality of instruction I am talking about would normally be prohibitively expensive and time consuming to learn if you could find it.

    These skill sets are hard won over many years of hard work and great expense.I am willing to presell this plan set with DVD for $300.00 to anyone willing to back the project. After it is a finished product it will probably triple in price.You WILL be able to build your own house with these plans and save $thousands of dollars in cost doing it yourself .That is my gift to you.

    1. Let me say 2 things.
      1) Thank you for your considered response.
      2) I would love to ‘back your project’ because I have seen the high quality information you have already provided on Youtube…do you have a pre-release payment plan 🙂


  7. I was just saying to myself “Self, what has Kevin been doing?” Now I see that you have been working on a worthwhile endeavor. I enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube, but kudos for you on your venture. It is funny how trolls seem to populate any place on the internet that says “comment”. Just laugh it away when you get compensated not only by money that helps pay the bills, but by the satisfaction of helping people that helps shine the soul. 🙂


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