Trouble in paradise or I’ve only had a half a cup of coffee!

So I woke up to day and as I became aware of my surroundings I heard a noise.

Running thru my list of noises I determined it was a muffled wirr of some form like a fan. I didn’t leave a fan on last nite. So what the hell is making that noise?!

I got up and walked to the bathroom. I could hear it in under the toilet so I went out side opened a hatch and there it was. The water pump running and not stopping! So after staring at it and banging on it to no avail I went back inside and turned it off at the switch in the kitchen.

Fixed! Sort of.

I started this story but I have to tell you another story now earlier this week I set up the trailer and no hot water. Well I fiddled with the tank (that’s what your supposed to do) and no hot water. Three days of no hot water and my wife said call someone and ask for help.

Ok so I finally called as it wasn’t fixin it’s self! Turns out I needed to turn a valve to let the cold water into the tank so it could get hot! Who new? Well I’m officially redeemed as a fix it guy…for the moment:)

Fast forward to this morning and halfway thru my first cup of coffee my wife is trying to take a shower with hot water but no pump! So I am back outside to fix the next issue I figure we’re out of water. So I get the hose and connect it to the first inlet I see (remember only half a cup of coffee) and back inside to my coffee 😉

Still no water.

So my wife goes into our daughters house to shower and I go back out to battle the water monster! First I crawl under to hook up the sewer line and drain the black and grey tanks (in that order) maybe that will do it?

Now that I have the other half of my cup of coffee in me I decide to google water pump problems (that’s what I’ve got). If the pump keeps running your either one, are out of water or two, you have a leak.

Okay I don’t think I’m leaking but I have a hose attached to the trailer and the fresh water outlet!?!

Upon further inspection the line is firmly attached to the sewer clean out!

I have plenty of fresh water in my turd tank! (sort of)

So a quick switch to the fresh tank and viola!

The pump stopped running now there is water for a shower! For me anyway!

As my wife walks back in the door I proudly announce my accomplishment.

The moral of the story …finish your cup of coffee before fixing the problems in the morning.

It’s better that way.;)

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