Exciting news I have been discovered by a major TV program !


I got an email last week from the casting director of a very well-known (it’s the top rated show on the network) show about being on an episode this season! They found me on my you tube channel.

So I was on the phones and emailing with the casting director getting all my info and photos to them. They had a meeting with the producers and said they loved us! Now we get all the info together and see what happens next. She said the were looking forward to working with us!

I’m trying not to get to excited just yet but this is the second time I have had a production company contact me in a year.

A company that was producing for the discovery channel about a show but it got scraped for some reason. This show is ongoing and they are filming all this month and part of Sept.

Could get kinda crazy around here if it happens. Stay tuned.

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  1. You deserve it! You’re an awesome fellow, fun to watch, and a great teacher. I’m sure you’ll blow them away. 😀

  2. Kevin – That is wonderful news!!! I hope that it all comes together and I hope that it is a paid appearance. You’d be great on any show! In fact, you would be great host for a regular weekly show; and nobody deserves it more. This is a perfect example of karma and creating your own destiny. When you do good things – it comes back to you. You’ve earned the recognition!!! If they want to know how you’ve inspired or helped other people, feel free to give them our contact info. We watched your You-Tube videos for months, over and over again, before our build. (And have watched them again during the build!) Thank you for showing us what CAN be done and THANK YOU for giving us hope. We see light at the end of our tunnel. We couldn’t be happier for you =) Bravo, Kevin!!!!
    ~Julia and Ed in New Mexico

  3. Awesome, let’s hope it works out! The only drawback? That when I start work on my micro-home (before I die, I hope) I’ll be more “trendy” than “trend-setter”. Best of luck!

  4. Dear everyone out there. I’m really getting discouraged. I’m a sixty one year old widowed woman living on part time jobs. My son is living at home cause there is no work out there for him and he going through college, but I’m getting more and more concerned that he won’t find work when he’s done. We have less than $25 grand a year to live on. I have asthma and the smoke is getting really bad. I spend too much on propane, gas (to go to work) and rent. There is no more section 8 housing here. I want a small house of my own on a piece of land (even half an acre in the country would be enough to have chickens and a small garden – if the county would let us have a small house on it. I could apply for low income senior housing (which I don’t want to do) but that would be the end of my chickens and my senior dog and my son would be out on the street. Is there anything I have missed? There have been a couple of free motor homes and on craigslist but either someone else got them or I had no gas to put in my beat up old 1989 chevy astro van to go get it. Does anyone have any other ideas?

    1. Extreme creativity is needed here . And maybe more details . Can your son get a job in the fast food industry ? Can you get disability? Maybe you both can create a joint venture like growing and selling plants in your yard . Rooming with other people in a larger house closer to work so you can walk or ride a bike to save money . Pool your talents and resources together and with others that want to save or make money. Hope that helps.

  5. So EXTATIC for YOU SIR! You and your wife have been thru SOOO much Growth, during this process(from reading ur blogs); and you both deserve this recognition! Also, it will be a great way to keep memories of some of your travels during this process Together! If you could let your followers know where or how to view the episodes maybe somewhere on line, it would be of great interest to me and more!

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