Free from things . The process continues .

Well we started the letting go process again so back thru the house we went. First we dug thru all the boxes in the basement with a take no prisoners furor. Then back up stairs to the office and den . After sorting and organizing all that we made our way to the shop where the yard sale would take place. For three days we maned the yard from 9 to 4 and to stay busy and productive we sorted our way thru the shop and then the cargo trailer. The result , well pHisically we sold and gave away and tossed out a lot of stuff we haven’t used in years. Monetarily we took in about $500.00 . But the real payoff was emotional . We felt a sense of relief and freedom that a burden was lifted from us . We felt good that others would benefit from the things we no longer needed or wanted and that they would not end up in the landfill at least for a while longer.
We (my wife and I )feel a big sense of responsibility for the things we have . Spending hard-earned money to buy them and selling them for a fraction of their value was hard at first but throwing them away is irresponsible . So rehoming them to us was the right thing to do .

It’s funny how we attach emotion to things . Why they become so important to us . Why we have such a hard time letting go of them . Why does it aggravate me when I sell an old camera that cost $400 new for $15 and the person buying it offers me $10 arguing its obsolete . Because I lost so much money ? Or because he’s gloating about getting the best of me on the deal as he walks away ? Or maybe because I was irresponsible about buying it then getting a new one when the technology advanced . Silly thing is I haven’t used it in years. I even tried to sell it last year in a yard sale for more and no takers .

The nice thing is that we are getting better at parting with stuff and creating a space for other possibility not things in our lives. Less stuff is more mobility ,more room ,less worry, more freedom of things .less need of space. More time ,less cost to keep,maintain,house.

I am looking forward to paring down farther and farther layer by layer to see what less feels like . I vaguely remember first starting out in life with as my mom puts it less than nothing . She was right when i moved out on my own I had a car and everything I owned fit In it . I moved into a studio apt with a Murphy bed ,good thing as it was all the furniture I had but it was a place to sit and sleep. Simple times …why did I go complicate it ? I had something to prove I guess. Stuff was my measure of fulfillment , of accomplishment, need and desire of acceptance . Funny I’m coming full circle and wanting to go back to the beginning .

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  1. Strange that I am now moving in the opposite direction. After downsizing my life to live on a boat 3 years ago, I am now seeking to start a family and have a homestead. The acquiring of “stuff” seems inevitable and I often wonder how the principles I have been living under will play out in my new future life.I parted ways with so many things…

    The circle keeps going around as the wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

  2. I know what you mean about letting things go for a fraction of their cost. I held on to my large bookcase that I paid $500 for. I had always wanted a real oak bookcase that could hold the amazingly huge amount of books I owned. When I finally got rid of the books and the case sat there empty except for just under 20 books I held on to I realized I was ready to let it go. I had someone who had told me they wanted it if I ever got rid of it, so I knew it was going to someone who loved it and sold it for $100. He was there within the hour to pay and pick it up. It made me happy to see his excitement that I never had any regrets.

  3. awesome, 4 people here in less that 1000 sq feet, 3 dogs and 5 sm. fish…and i am doing the same thing, it is an ongoing process, but (more like wants than needs)…am reassigning some of my things to the basement, (just in case i want to use them some other time) but if they go untouched for a period of time, it is a good indicator that i have moved on and it is time for them to go. it is all just “stuff” in the end anyway. I can retire next year and hubs in about 7 years (hopefully)..and thinking RVing and it would also serve as a “home base” for just in case. Remember when i believe it was Abraham had to lead his people to the promised land? What did they take? Unburden yourselves, don’t let things own you, but you own them, that goes for many things.

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