producing an episode for television . Wow what an experience intense !

Film crew setting up for a scene in my living room.

Well after 3 days of shooting 12 to 14 hours a day we have a wrap ! this has been one of the top 10 highlights in my life.I have never been so out of my comfort zone and yet so at home in an environment at the same time. We had no rehearsal ! this was live raw and in the moment cameras in your face all day ! I had my family at my side in all of the action.

My wife in the back between takes and the producer talking to one of the camera men.

This was an amazing process the director drew the story out of us as we were put in setting after setting through out the day.Jess was great at concieving how she wanted the scenes to unfold we followed her lead and watched the whole process come together.

Annissa get ting her mic adjusted between takes

the whole film crew was a mix of freelancers from local guys to new york and brazil. even tho they had never worked together as a team before the crew gelled instantly.You really have to stay on your toes all day and be very focused when your in front of a camera you might get it in one take or maybe in six.

Some scene setups were more tricky than others

it takes hours of filming to get a few minuites of finnished product.After the shooting is done both the sound track and the video are shipped back to the editors so they can review it and blend together the scenes with the sound tracks to create the final production.

Some down time in or costumes playing with the youngest actor on the set our grandson

sometimes it takes longer to set up a scene than it takes to film it you have to decide where the actors will come and go in the frame and all the camera angles then get the lighting placed properly the stage is very important as well as how we flow from one take to the next for continuity of the story line .

We had to have an EMT on the set with his trauma kit during some of our more dangerous scenes

All in all im thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of a television show of this magnatude and we will be putting our selves out there come what may in front of millions of people who watch this show world wide . its very exciting to be a part of something this big and create a mix of entertainment and education for others to enjoy.

Here is the entire crew with the producer getting ready to shoot an action scene outside.

I will get everyone the details as soon as the producers alow us to reveal them publicly so stay tuned . Who knows what this could lead to maybe we can get more opportunitys in the future to be in other shows or start our own series !

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