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So I am always looking for ways to add value to a process and it occurred to me no one has created a process of how to find, negotiate and purchase a raw piece of land or a building lot then develop the site and build a small (400 to 600 ) square foot home.

This would be a highly valuable experience.

You would learn to find a realtor to work with and an area where reasonably priced under valued property can be found. This can be done with out a large cash out lay. I’m talking land for $7k to $10k and a small house to start then add on later if you want. Pay cash live rent / mortgage free.

Then bring in water, power and sewer. Go through all the permitting processes. Learn to gather bids from contractors and negotiate price.

We will then build a site built house on a foundation with plans and permits inspections from the planning / building dept. Learn all about electrical, plumbing and every aspect of the build process. This will be recorded as we go so you can have a reference to view again. There will be teleconferences to get all your questions answered as well as opportunity to participate in person at live builders weekends along the way.

So who is this for?

Anyone who is looking to live mortgage free by building a small inexpensive home.

This is to learn to build your own home. Someone who wants to learn the process and be there own general contractor and hire subcontractors to help build the house. Anyone who wants to eliminate or seriously reduce the single largest cost of living we have housing. If you want to learn decades of extremely valuable building and property developing knowledge in a mater of months and save tens of thousands of dollars on your own project this is for you.

If you’re interested as I can only work with a limited number of people go here.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this level of exposure to this industry.

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  1. Hi, I have 160 Acre of raw land. We own 3 small Valleys.Rolling hills with one steep face of a mountain. Alot of oaks and Digger Pines-Thousands of Trees. I can’t believe we actually own it. Since we wanted a large amount of land and we had not alot of money. We bought out in the middle of no where.. We are off the Grid!-No Phone lines- No Power lines-We live in a 33 ft RV. With some small sheds for storage.–we have a Generator and a very small amount of solar(100 watts) and a Bank of car batteries. We have installed a well with solar pump and 5000 gallon Water tank. We now don’t have to haul water as we did for 5 years in a 300 gal tank from the back of a truck over a steep mountain on a very windy road. We have done some improvement of internal ranch roads with minior grading. Back breaking work. Our Driveway is steep and in the Winter it is a chalange to get up even with the best 4 wheel drive.20% grade. Coming down can get a little scary with one side being a 200 foot drop. We get alot of rain and just about 6 inches of snow in the Winter. Trailer is cold. Rats got into heater in floor so we can no longer use it. We use just a small propane heater. We are addeing some fencing for a soon to be small heard of cattle. 12 cow /calf .(so we will have milk) We cannot aford to buy beef so we will grow it! Sell the rest to market. More to come. Terri.–more to come later

  2. THIS Sir, I am so EXTATIC to have found! THIS IS the subject and the Process I am JUST BEGINNING (literally just made the decision 2 months ago!?).
    PLEASE, read in my blog at here. More explanation in my About Me & 1st & only post, won’t take long!
    COUPLE Things for You–besides THANK YOU for everything you have shared & I look forward to going thru your archives more…I MUST ASK: your Title says “subscribe to How to…” is that THIS blog? This being Your Blog which I already subscribe there somewhere Else I must Subscribe to? Do you have Another Blog dedicated to subject now? I just DON’T want to Miss a Thing from you! I’m so elated to have found a.. well, “MentorBuilder” Someone I can Follow from start to finish in their own process!!!
    Again, THANK YOU and please when time permits, let me know what I’m missing here…

    Highly Grateful,

    1. Kevin Sir, I’m sorry to add another comment but, I would like to know if you have a public email address? Or if you’re on Twitter as well? You’d get A TON OF RECOGNITION from there—a Comapny that I believe would LOVE to Film Your story as well would be: Nicholas from “Fair Companies” link to their twitter & see his bio for more info on how n who to reach …so exciting!
      My Email:

  3. We have been looking for land in Western Montana to build from scratch. We would be very interested in being able to follow along with someone who is working on doing this very thing. We don’t have much, but our dream is to figure out how to live mortgage free and on land where we can build the kind of life we love.

    We look forward to hearing more about this project.

  4. Hi! I just found your Blog and I hope it’s not too late to gain access to the information you mentioned above. I’m really just starting this process and I don’t know a thing about buying raw property, but I want to live mortgage free and off-the-grid. I am very interested in following you through this process. Please let me know where I need to go if there is another site. I’m so glad I found your Blog and Youtube channel. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and paying-it-forward. Thanks a bunch!!!

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