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The choice is yours. Keep living that crazy, hectic, meaningless life of work/ bill paying. Deferring life till later. Or?? I am inspired to write this post. Why? Because I am sitting in the shade on a tropical island in the Caribbean listening to the surf come up on the white sand beach. The birds are chattering away in the palm trees and sail boats, power yachts, fishing vessels are drifting by on the most unreal blue water you can imagine.

I smell of suntan oil, rum, cigar and the ocean. I should bottle it! Why am I telling you all this? Because A few years ago I found the rabbit hole and my wife and I went down it. The hole lead me to a life of self reliance. We quit our 9 to 5 jobs (hers was 9 to 5 mine was 3 to 11) We didn’t even see each other that often! Now we work less than we play. We are almost debt free and time is our biggest asset. We spend over a month in the caribbean each year and that keeps increasing.

There is another way. Most people will read this and do nothing. I am very aware of that fact. The scariest thing for most people is to follow their dreams. They are afraid to let go of their current reality(the one they are not happy with)to most it is miserable but safe.Taking a chance to live a life of freedom and happiness only a few dare to do. Here is another way down the rabbit hole A Self Reliant Life Blog.

If you are here then you are looking. Looking for the other way.The way it is supposed to be. We are taught to work our best years away saving money buying things to insure our later years are safe, secure and happy. There is no guaranty and most people find out to late this is not the way to live life. That is a life of fear and scarcity. It is designed by people who want you to support their dreams.Remember if you are not following your dreams then you are working for someone else’s dreams.

What I am about to say to you will be very disturbing. It may even piss you off! I hope it does. I am willing to take that chance 😉 You are living in fear. You are living only to gain other peoples approval and acceptance. If you did not care about what other people think about you then you would be free. Tell me I am wrong. You are doing what you think other people want you to do. I is a preexisting path created long ago. It is an out dated model that only serves other people.You have been taught to work make money and spend it on things to prove your worth to others. To spend your life in debt as a way to find fulfillment and acceptance.

The cost? Your life! It is a fools game that no one wins. What do you win? Not a life but an existence. One of drudgery. Get up go to work sit in traffic work all day go home just to sit in traffic, eat pay your bills go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. You try to save a little money you get a couple of days off and think what would it be like to have more days off. You are so conditioned to this that you can’t even fathom it. You think when I turn 65 I won’t have to do this anymore. But will you make it? If you do will you really then get to live your life your way?

What the hell is life your way? Have you ever wondered? And why are you not living it right now? Not that life you fool yourself into believing is what you want. That is the one your in right now. How can you tell the difference? Because everyone else you know is doing it and they give you there seal of approval that you are doing the right thing! Basically running with the herd. At least we are all doing the same thing right?

Wanna know if your living life right? Its easy do it your way and everyone you know will think your crazy and tell you your out of your mind! Your friends will be jealous they may stop talking to you. They will start talking about you. Your family may even try to stage an intervention;) Here is your last chance to peak down the rabbit hole.

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3 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole.”

  1. The fact is that not all work is meaningless or worthless, or unrewarding. Some of it is important, necessary, valuable, and of benefit to others as well as one’s self, and often in multiple ways.

    You chide people for being afraid to take the plunge, but perhaps they’re merely unconvinced of the wisdom of your choices. Is it not, after all a “Peter Pan” mentality? — running away from the almost impossible demands of adulthood; burying one’s head in the sand; regressing to an infantile state where the outside world can’t hurt us; being dependent on no one as the supposed key to happiness?

    The problem is that it is an illusion. We are very dependent on others no matter where we live; e.g., at the very minimum the military and the police to keep the country safe for you to be ‘independent in, the judicial system to prevent people from stealing your valuables, business and industry to abstain from polluting your environment, and on and on… Would you like to escape from all that, too? Without participation there is no influence.

    You’ve dropped out relatively recently. Don’t you think you should give it some time before you recommend it so vociferously? What happens when you get old and the medical bills start coming in for you or a loved one? Are you going to renounce your Medicare and SS? It is, after all, part of the system you so disdain. And let’s not forget that you’re charging for your services and, as such, are as much a businessman as any other.

    Finally, fear of jumping into the unknown can be a good thing. It can keep us safe. It can warn us away from simple wish fulfillment and irrational thinking. Don’t diminish your own ‘accomplishment’ by taunting others to overcome their fear and follow your lead. You sound desperate to convince us of the wisdom of your choices. Is it in order, ultimately, to convince yourself? Is that where the real fear is coming from?

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