Any ten year old can wire a house.

Power It Up

Thats right!

It is not that hard. You just need to know the rules.

I am going to show you how. Whats stopping you from being mortgage free?

The number one thing is knowledge. If you knew how to build your own house it would be the single most profitable thing you could do in your life.

The average person in the U.S. spends over $500,000 dollars for housing in there life!

You can build a small home on a lot that would house a family of 4 for about $60k or less.

That means a couple could save about a $$MILLION on housing! So whats stopping you? Start learning today.

Go here to get your first lession watch this quick video and start saving today.

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3 thoughts on “Any ten year old can wire a house.”

  1. In the video, he says it can cost $1,000 to wire a litte house. I know for a fact that YOU ARE NOT KIDDING. I had scheduled an electrician to wire my tiny house on wheels towards the end of the month. Hopefully, your DVD instructions will get here before that and I will be able to save me a LOT of money!

    Deborah (Debbie) Rogers

  2. Thirty five years ago, I asked my father if he thought I could build a house. “If you can read you can do anything”, he replied. Drafted plans over that winter and spent the next year building our first home. Five years later, we moved closer to town and did it again. For many years I earned a living from home having 9 sources of income at one point. My father was right.
    At 69 and 62 my wife and I are once again looking at building another. Enjoy your sites and YouTube posting.

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