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  1. Kevin…in 1996, my children grown and being a widow since age 34 raising my 2 kids ages 9&7…I made the decision to sell my home and property as I was leaving to go overseas…I’ve lived in many wonderful places…and have settled in northern wisconsin as my grounding place where my children and grandchildren are…none of us stayed in the area where they or I grew up. With all my moving and traveling I did downsize considerably. Did pack away a few very important pieces of memory pieces for my children about their dad & lives…recently I moved into a home I’ll probably live out my days…finally got these pieces out of storage giving some to the kids now and others they will share later…as a writer photographer in been able to document more vividly the legacy they want to know…you have those stories to now share…they want those more than stuff…so what u are doing is great…I told my kids to come and pick out what they wanted to keep of theirs and take them…no need for me to store them…let them…now I’m parting w more with the story of what it meant to me and their late father…Blessings on this new adventure!!!

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