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It is about simple living and independent income early retirement making money at home and being self-sufficient. Join me to get your fix on how many ways we can live an independent no job lifestyle make money in your own backyard in unique,eclectic and fun ways with proven models I have used for decades. I enjoy freedom my time is my own and I choose how to spend it. you can have this lifestyle by design to if you want it.

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  1. Wow. I LOVE YOUR SITE. I am pretty much inspired to make one of these in the (near-ish) future. I am really glad I happened upon your blog. Thank You. Do you have a tumblr?

  2. Hey Kevin-

    I have a question regarding a picture on the post dated Nov 5, 2011. Is the two story Victorian tiny house yours or do you know who has the rights to that photo? I used a pencil line drawing version of that same pic and would like to get permission to use it on my site from the owner if it is not freely available to everyone.

    My site is here: tinyhousewisdom.wordpress.com

    Any info would be helpful. If it is your pic and you let me use it, I will give you credit and a link to this blog in return.

    You can email me at the addy below:


  3. I have advocated the use of salvage of RV’s for DIY housing for some years. I am doing some larger designs for seniors mainly in the Tucson area and Adobe style is what we are going for. My floor plans can be adapted to any style and I have a nice French Country on the boards for the NW and Alaska. I do nothing over 400 sq.ft. these days as I feel 200 sq.ft. per senior is plenty.
    Texas Tiny Houses has the recycle market tuned up I feel what you are doing is the lesser expense on the west coast as tornado’s are too rare to depend on a reliable used material source, although they do excellent work and have a full cycle of business planning that we all should follow.

  4. I am really enjoying the youtube series and have decided to take on this project. But I have a question:

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and created a ‘master plan’ where I would fly back home to Indiana for a few weeks and have my dad and uncles help me build one on wheels and drive it back out. They have all the tools, lots of scrap material, and the over all cost of build would be lower. However, when I shared my “plan” with my dad he laughed and asked — “How do you expect to drive a square house 2,000 miles across country? The drag on that thing would be ridiculous and the gas mileage would be horrible. Just date a contractor while he builds one for you then break up afterwords.” >:0 Not the response I was expecting! I pushed him and bargained if I could figure out a solution to the travel problem would he be open to it and he kind of agreed (well he actually suggested just to save myself the hassle and buy a camper — I think he is missing the point. ). So anyway that’s my question for you all — how to move one of these across country in the most economical fashion possible? Maybe there is a way to build it so in folds down to 1/2 its size and then folds back up? I dunno – thoughts?

  5. hi kevin here is a web site with plans for a solor heater that you can build and might heat your bug out or moveable bulding . i like what you are doing keep up the good job . thanks

  6. Kevin I have to tell you, this has been a HUGE(recently the only) reference for me. I’m 19 I live in Wisconsin and I’m getting ready to build a tiny home on a trailer to move away and finish the remaining two years of my bachelors degree at a bigger 4 year college while living rent and almost expense free. all your videos have been extraordinary tools. your a great teacher and very knowledgeable I love it! keep it coming and thanks a lot man

  7. Hi Kevin,
    I am a 16 year old from Colorado, and for my high school, we have to do a “culminating project” to graduate. It has always been by dream to live in a tiny house, and I want to build one for this project. I was wondering if I could have your take on my situation, and see if I am capable of building my own tiny house. I have about a year’s time to build it, and I will be very busy during the school months with school, college class, part time job (parents’ decision), and competitive ultimate frisbee. I would be able to work on it during weekends, and provide all the money for it myself. I would eventually want to take it to college or somewhere else, so it would need a trailer or I could assemble it at my final destination. Let me know if you think this is a possible task, thank you so much! Your videos are so helpful and inspiring!

    1. Lucy,I’m inspired.It is great to see a young person wanting to tackle a project like this.If you can dream it and believe it you can achieve it.With a years worth of weekends and some summer mixed in I’m sure you can do it .Build it on a trailer to start.Document your process with photos,video and a journal.A blog would be great.I have a facebook page for this blog as well It will help create accountability and get you a bunch of people rooting for you.Be sure and stay in touch and keep me posted.I will be happy to consult for you if you like.Stay excited!

  8. Wow this is really inspiring. I’m going to attend architecture school in october and didn’t really have any idea on what to specialize yet but this is super interesting!

  9. You guys are awesome! Makes me want to do the same thing. Really inspiring story.

    I work in development at Original Media in NYC and wish I had found you guys just as you decided to quit your jobs and move off grid. Because that is exactly what I am looking for and was hoping you might be able to help.

    Currently, I am developing a show that would involve three different couples/families as they decide to buy a piece of land and truly live off of it. I am looking for people who are gonna not only build their homestead from their own land, but then work it and live off it.

    Ideally, we would be at the start of it all the construction and see their dream come to life. I know it might be a little late for you guys – but is there anyone you know you might be interested in possible documentation of their journey. Any help or contacts or would be much appreciated!

    And again – awesome work! So cool.

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